(Learn Korean) Makgeoli and Insa-dong Makgeoli Festival

28 Jan

Makgeoli and Insa-dong Makgeoli Festival

The Makgeoli festival is held every year in Insa-dong under the sponsorship of the Seoul Rice Wine Manufacturing Association, a company founded by makgeoli manufacturing companies in Seoul by merging them into one. Makgeoli, meaning roughly filtered wine, is also called takju, meaning cloudy wine, because it is opaque. Makgeoli was once the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea – it accounted for 70 percent of alcohol consumption in the 1970s. With the urbanization and Westernization, however, its consumption has fallen to 3-4 percent now and beer has taken over its place.

Makgeoli is also referred to as nongju (literally meaning “farm liquor” in Korean) as it is popular with farmers. It usually has an alcohol content of around 6 percent, which means that one bowl is enough to have an effect. Farmers drink makgeoli when they take a break because they say it helps them work without feeling tired. In a big city such as Seoul, makgeoli is no longer consumed for that purpose.

One of the places where makgeoli is sold most in Seoul is the entrance to a mountain trail. Some people climb the mountain with a bottle of makgeoli in their backpacks to drink at the summit, while others enjoy it served with tofu when they climb down. They say there is nothing like makgeoli to satiate hunger and thirst. According to them the best way to appreciate makgeoli is to first climb a mountain.

Source : koreanherald.com

Cr : Heo Shi-Myung


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