(Pandora’s Lyric) Trans How Can I_TVXQ

30 Jan

How Can I

Words, I shouldn’t have heard
My phone which I should’ve just forgotten to bring.
Words that makes me at a loss for words.
Words, that don’t care about how I feel.

*How can I forget you?
Should I put an effort to try and forget you?
will we ever be able to go back to what we had?
Last words which made us both at a loss for words.

When I would tell you that I loved you
You would stop, and my heart would feel like it was exploding.
I have stopped and.
I’m simply waiting for your next words.

Words that hurts no matter what
Words of Goodbye.

If only time could stop.
If only we could erase.
If only we could go back in time,
To the day when we first met.

My words are frozen, tears keep flowing, words which I don’t want to believe.

Even when I dream, I don’t want to believe those words. Because I love you.

Credit: romanization.wordpress.com + KimKenoa@twitter + Jaejoongie <3@soompi + Daum + lyricsmoon.com

Source : JpopAsia.com


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