(Cuisine) Jajangmyeon

1 Feb


–  Uncooked Noodles
–  Brown Bean Paste (豆 瓣酱) or (춘 장)
–  Assorted Diced Vegetables (choice of cucumbers, beans, potatoes, scallions, bean sprouts, onions, etc… your choice, really)
–  Minced Meat (usually pork, but chicken and beef can work too… don’t use for vegetarian)
–  Cooking Oil
–  Eggs (optional)
–  water
–  Corn Starch

  1. If using eggs, pour some oil into the pot and scramble the eggs.
  2. Once eggs are cooked, dump the meat and/or vegetables into the pot and stir-fry.  If not using eggs, then stir-fry the meat and vegetables in oil without eggs.
  3. Once the meat and vegetables are slightly cooked, pour about two spoonfuls of the bean paste into the pot, and stir-fry some more.
  4. After stir-frying for a few minutes, pour about half a cup of water into the pot.  Stir, and let it sit.
  5. Prepare a spoonful of corn starch and mix it with water.  (Note: must mix thoroughly immediately after combined with water, or the starch will stick in clumps)
  6. Pour the starch mixture into the pot and stir.  If you feel the color  is not right, feel free to add more  bean paste.
  7. Let the entire mixture simmer into the pot until it reaches a thick consistency and dark color.  This will be the sauce.
  1. Prepare a pot half-filled with water, and place on open flame until boiling.
  2. When boiling, grab a large bundle (one handful) or uncooked noodles and place into boiling water.  Stir occasionally.
  3. After 5-10 minutes, the noodles should be ready (you may want to try to eat a single noodle to test if it’s ready).  If ready, strain the noodles out of the water.

Place the noodles into a bowl(s), and pour the sauce over the noodles.  You are ready to eat!

Makes 1-2 servings.  Add more sauce as desired.

Source : file.nyu.edu


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