( vacation ) Facts about Dokdo island

7 Feb


Dokdo is the easternmost territory of Korea and situated 87.4km to the southeast of Ulleungdo Island and 216.8km to the east of Jukbeon of the East Coast.

As it is 157.5km to the northwest of Oki Island of Shimane Prefecture of Japan, Japan cannot see Dokdo from Oki Island when we can see Dokdo from Ulleungdo Island on a clear day.

Dokdo has been created by volcanic activities.

It is not one island, but consists of two large islands Dongdo and Seodo and 89 small islands around them.

Dokdo’s coordinates are 131˚52’10.4″ East Longitude and 37˚14’26.8″ North Latitude for Dongdo and 131˚5’54.6″ East Longitude and 37˚14’30.6″ North Latitude for Seodo

Ulleungdo seen from DokdoDokdo seen from Ulleungdo


Dokdo is 187,554㎡ (Dongdo: 73,297㎡; Seodo: 88,740㎡; Other Islands: 25,517㎡) and is a government-owned land (owned by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries).
The strait between Dongdo and Seodo is 151m in width, 330m in length, and about 10m in depth.


Dongdo, the southeastern part of Dokdo, has most of the maritime facilities, including Manned Light House.
Dongdo is 98.6m in height, 2.8km in ircumference, and 73,297㎡ in area. The longer side extends about 450m to northeast at a 60° grade and the center is a vertical hole that is depressed down to the surface of water.



Seodo, the northwestern part, is 168.5m in height, 2.6km in circumference, and 88,740㎡ in area.
The longer side extends about 450m longitudinally and the shorter side is about 300m latitudinally.
Seodo’s peak is a steep cone. Seodo’s major facility is Fisherman’s Lodge.



source :- http://en.dokdo.go.kr/korean_dokdo_facts_about_dokdo.do

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