HowL Korean Pop Singer

10 Feb

HowL’s real name is Kim Dong Wook. Korean pop singer. It was from a novel by Japanese writer Murakami Ryu.
When “Goong” (Princes Hours and Prince Hours) used 2 of his songs (“Parrot” and “Perhaps Love” – a duet with J, which was released in “Goong” OST), his became very popular as both songs topped the chart at the same time. He has 2 other songs which was used in OSTs – track #5 “Deo eesang” which was used in “A Love To Kill” drama (starring Bi and Shim Min Ah) and track #4 “Eel nyeon jjae” / “For A Year” which was used in the Korean anime version of “I’m Sorry, I Love You”. Most of the songs are mellow, some a bit sad and of course, all of them are ballads.

HowL is a rookie in the local pop music scene whose debut finally has been realized after a year and half of preparation.
HowL has a great voice and the songs on his album are great and very nice to listen..His Hobbies is Playing the guitar, keyboards, golf and exercising.
HowL’s debut album “Infinitely Clear Blue” has an overall atmosphere of J-Pop music that very accessible to any listener.
The debut album by HowL was produced by Ahn Jeong-hoon, former member of the band “Position.” Song writers who participated in the album are Hwang Se-joon, who wrote Tei’s “Love in One” and Fly to the Sky’s “Although a Long Time has Passed,” Jeon Hae-sung who wrote Yoon Do-hyun’s “It Might Have Been Love” and Hwang Chan-hee, the writer of “One Man” by Kim Jong-kuk.


Discography :

Album Title: Transparent Blue
Released: 15 November 2005
Label: Sponge Entertainment
Genre: Ballad

Track List:
01 Monologue / Intro

02 Go Jeeb

03 Aeng Moo Sae / Parrot

04 Eel nyeon jjae / For a Year

05 Deo eesang

06 Keu raett ji, Keu raett eott ji

07 Keu rae yo

08 Jan so ree

09 Hon Jat Mal

10 Kyeo ool sarang

11 Amooree

12 Een Yeon

Music Video from this album:
01 Aeng Moo Sae
02 Eel nyeon jjae – “I’m Sorry I love You” Korean Anime

Album Title : Howl (Vol.2) – 바람의 노래를 들어라 (Param e noraereul deureora)
Release Date :May 15, 2008

01. 바람의 노래를 들어라 (Intro) (Param e noraereul deureora) – Listen to the wind’s song
02. Les Amante
03. Good-bye day (Feat. J) (외로움은 안녕!) (Weroumeun annyeong)
04. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (feat. J) (Sonyeo, sonyeoreul mannada)
05. Ciao! Let’s Go!!
06. 사랑아 추억아 (Album version) (Saranga chueoga)
07. 우리가 사랑했다면 (Uriga saranghaetdamyeon)
08. 사랑이야기 (Duet. 소닌 Sonin) (Sarangiyagi)
09. Good-bye day (Feat. J) (외로움은 안녕!) (Instrumental)
10. 우리가 사랑했다면 (Instrumental)

Princess Hours OST.

Prince Hours OST.

Boys Before Flowers OST.

A Love to Kill OST.


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