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(CTS) Sashimi

11 Feb


Sashimi is an important element in Japanese cuisine, where it is often served at the beginning of a meal as a palate cleanser and appetizer. It is often compared to sushi, another popular Japanese dish, although the two are actually different. Sashimi is raw fish sliced very thin and served with a variety of garnishes and sauces. Sushi is served with rice, and often appears wrapped in specially treated seaweed known as nori.
Sashimi is always made with saltwater fish, because many freshwater fish species contain parasites which could cause intestinal distress if eaten. In addition, the fish used for sashimi is fresh and of the highest quality, to ensure optimum flavor and healthiness. Many restaurants keep their fish alive in saltwater tanks, ensuring that the fish can be prepared to order. When going out for sashimi, pick a reputable restaurant with an obvious supply of fresh, high quality fish. When preparing sashimi at home, make sure that your fishmonger knows that you intend to eat the fish raw, so that he or she can recommend the most safe and fresh specimens:

Sashimi is often prepared at a bar so that customers can watch the chef. This tradition probably stems from a desire to make sure that the fish being used is fresh and of the highest quality, but it is also very interesting to watch sashimi being prepared. Chefs use a very sharp knife to fillet the fish, removing potentially dangerous bones along with the skin. Then the fish is sliced very fine and beautifully laid out on a platter along with the garnishes and sauces of choice.
Common garnishes for sashimi include pickled vegetables such as ginger, shredded daikon radish, and toasted nori. Sashimi is usually also served with soy sauce and wasabi, and some cooks add ground ginger root to the soy sauce for an extra dimension of flavor. The sashimi and condiments are arranged so that consumers can easily pick up pieces of fish and garnish with chopsticks before dunking them in the sauce.

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(Drama) Hotelier

11 Feb


Broadcasting company: MBC
Official Website :
Genre : Romance
TV Premiere: 2001-04-04 to 2001-06-07
Production : Producer: Shin Ho Kyoon, Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Kyung
Director: Jang Yong Woo
Main Casts : Bae Yong Jun as Attorney Shin Dong-hyuk / Frank Shin, Kim Seung Woo as Head Mgr. Han Tae-joon, Song Yoon Ah as Mgr. Suh Jin-young, Song Hye Gyo as Kim Yun-hee, Park Jung Chul as Choi Young-jae .
Running Time per Episode : 60 mins
Total Episodes : 20 Eps

Brief Synopsis
Jin Young (Song Yun Ah), a very open-minded and energetic woman, worked for the Seoul Hotel. Her ex-boyfriend Tae Joon (Kim Seung Woo) resigned and had left for Vegas three years earlier due to an unfortunate incident w/ a guest. The owner of the hotel had always believed in Tae Joon even more so than his own son, Young Jae (Park Jung Chul). When he died of a heart attack, his wife realized that Jin Young must go to Vegas to bring Tae Joon back so he could help run the hotel, which was falling into pieces. Their rival, Kim Book Man (Han Jin Hee), was determined to acquire the Seoul Hotel.

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(Film) Voice of a Murderer

11 Feb

Voice of a Murderer

Movie: Voice of a Murderer
Hangul: 그놈 목소리
Revised romanization: Geu nom moksori
Director: Park Jin-Pyo
Writer: Park Jin-Pyo
Producer: Kim Joo-Sung
Cinematographer: Wu-hyeong Kim
Release Date: February 01, 2007 (South Korea)
Runtime: 122 min.
Production Budget: US$ 4.5M
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


One day, the only son of famous news anchor, HAN Kyung-bae, disappeared without a trace. Soon, the kidnapper calls the nine-year-old boy’s mother, OH Jisun, demanding $100,000 as ransom. The police assign veteran detective KIM Wook-jung to the case and assemble a top-notch task force under his command. However, the kidnapper constantly outwits the police traps and keeps calling the parents with yet another instruction for the money drop. The only clue the police and the parents have is the kidnapper’s voice recorded on the tape; his cultured, but emotionless voice, which often gives anyone who listens goose bumps. The parents become restless and angry as days turns into weeks, and one day, when the kidnapper calls HAN Kyung-bae with another set of instructions, he turns the situation completely around and demands a direct confrontation. He starts giving instructions to the kidnapper, and…

Based on the true story of the infamous Apkujeong kidnapping and murder of 9 year old Hyung-ho Lee, which began on January 29th, 1991. 44 days later, the body of the boy was discovered in the sewers of the Han River. In the process the perpetrator called the parents numerous times. The murder was never solved and is now closed, due to the case passing the statue of limitations in Korea (15 years).

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