(Info) Cassiopeia and Korean Fansites

12 Feb

Cassiopeia and Korean Fansites
There are five main Korean fansites: DNBN, Yuerubi (유애루비), Ikadong (이카동), DC TVXQ gall, Telzone.

Before I explain the differences between these fansites, let me make one point clear first.

Cassiopeia, as used in fandom vernacular, stands for all fans that support TVXQ.

(Although to be an official Cassie, you must join the fanclub which is operated by SM.)

Therefore Cassiopeia includes all fansites that are in existence.

Now let me address the differences between fansites.


DNBN is one of the most representative Korean fansites. Until recently, they supported all five members.

However, they changed their stance since 2-member TVXQ’s comeback. To read their current stance, please visit http://www.dnbn.pe.kr. *

2. Yuerubi (유애루비)

Yuerubi is the biggest fansite, having nearly 750,000 members.

Among major Korean fansites, Yuerubi is the only site that still supports all five members.

The age of the members are rather young compared to other sites. Yuaerubi’s daily traffic has gone down significantly in recent years so its large membership is deceiving of actual fandom climate.

3. Ikadong (이카동)

Ikadong was the first site to change their stance. Now they support JYJ. *

Only Noona fans who are over 20 years old are allowed to join.

Ikadong has about 30,000 members.

4. DC TVXQ gall

DC is well known for their aggressive style.

Like DNBN, they changed their stance recently after 2-member TVXQ’s comeback. *

DC is the most active site of all, having thousands of people come and go everyday.

(DC also has a JYJ gall, but this gall was made to kick out the original members out of TVXQ gall. Be careful! DC’s JYJ gall is not made by real JYJ fans but Hotel girls.)

5. Telzone.

Telzone has two separate galls.

(1) TVXQ gall

TVXQ gall supports HM. This is where the “Hotel girls” usually gather.

Rumors about JYJ are made and spread here.

(2) JYJ gall

Because TVXQ gall no longer supports JYJ, Noona fans created a new gall for JYJ. Even though it’s a newer gall, the amount of traffic that JYJ gall has is usually ranked no. 1 on Daum for web traffic and activeness.

Credit: @alles2012
Source : jyj3.wordpress.com


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