Moroccan dresses for women : “Caftan and Takchita”

12 Feb

I would like to present you the traditional dresses of Morocco for women !! We call them “caftan” or “takchita” !

A beautiful dress for every woman wishing to distinguish, or even a thousand lights sparkle and inflame the desire among others.

However, the caftan was originally a men’s clothing, men were distinguished by increasing it, especially if it was a caftan embroidered in gold or silver thread, then, the habit was the man!

But, little by little, women have captured the caftan, making this habit distinguished emblem of their beauty.

Even if the caftan took his fame in Morocco, history shows that its origins well worldwide. The Ottomans and the Russians wore embroidered caftans, especially on the front and sleeves. Sultan Sulaiman had the magnificent port itself. And although expensive caftans were offered the most significant and important victory of the day.

The art of caftans rises towards the second half of the seventeenth with tissue type Selimiye with wide vertical stripes and sumptuous and detailed embroidery. The fabrics were produced in Turkey, Italy, India and China. These fabrics with names such as bürümcük, aba, Canfer, gatma, Gezi, diba, kutnu, kemha, serasera; indeed, some of these names are still used in Morocco (kemha pronounced kemkha).

It is now in Morocco found that the caftan its charm. Object of different creations day after day, the caftan is the soul of authenticity. Indeed, the whole world began to recognize its beauty, all with events like Caftan Maroc sees the competition between charming Moroccan and foreign designers to offer the best of their innovative talent, which is also the best top clothe models in the world, delighted, this beautiful gift of history.

One Response to “Moroccan dresses for women : “Caftan and Takchita””

  1. martha May 17, 2011 at 11:35 AM #

    wow they are lovely, i would love to wear a bridal one for my wedding next year.
    what is the price range?


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