(Vacation) Kimchi Field Museum Seoul (Pulmuone Kimchi Museum)

13 Feb

Kimchi Field Museum Seoul

Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Samseong-dong 159 COEX MALL B2
– Korea Travel Phone +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
– For more info +82-2-6002-6456 (Korean)
Operating Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00 (Last admission 17:30)
Every Monday, Seollal, Chuseok, Christmas, New Year’s Day
Length of Tour
20 – 30 min

Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul is a real draw for all the travelers. Seoul is home to several museums. The Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul has carved out a special niche among all these museums with its superb display and history.

Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul makes the travelers acquainted with the world of Kimchi’s history. Travelers from all around the globe will understand the history of Kimchi, its varieties, and its significance. The Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul is an ideal place to visit for all who like to learn about the kimchi. Kimchi is actually the most well-known Korean delicacy. Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul gathers facts and statistics for kimchi related resources offering varied activities like the Kimchi-making procedure and assortment of kimchi tasting every month as well. This museum persists to update the world about one of the major pieces of Korean culture, Kimchi.

Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul was established in the year 1986 at the 159 B2 Coex Mall of Samseong-dong in Seoul. Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul was built by Pulmuone Inc. They are one of the largest food production companies in South Korea. In the year 1988, the museum was displaced to the COEX to advertise kimchi among the outside travelers. In the year 2000, this museum was refurbished to expand the museum region to improve its facilities for visitors.

Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul can be divided into three varied sections. Each of them exemplifies the diversities of kimchi-related data. The first part of the Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul is actually associated to Kimchi’s history. “The Exhibition of Ancient Books about Kimchi History”, “The Models of Kimchi in Each Period” provide the historical information of Kimchi.

The second section of the Kimchi Field Museum, Seoul comprises the artifacts displaying the process of kimchi making and movies to update the travelers as well. There is also a section where people can see some models of eighty diverse types of kimchi. You will get a list of ingredients that are used in kimchi with a picture and description for each item. The final section of the museum holds the data room where people can get to know the old or recent happenings of kimchi and also about the conventional foods of Korea.

Source : travel.mapsofworld.com


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