(Vacation) Myeongdong

15 Feb

Myeongdong can be your alternative vacation when you grew weary and nice place to spend your time all day long for shopping. Myeongdong is Korea’s trendiest shopping area, with over 300,000 square meters of shops.
Located in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong is a representative shopping district in Korea. It also houses the headquarters of banks and securities brokers, and many Western and traditional restaurants. Compared to Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Market which sell products at low prices, most shops in Myeongdong deal with mid-priced items. The main street in Myeongdong is lined with quality brand name shops, while mid-class brand name shops and no-name brand shops are located in the side alleys. Moreover, large shopping malls like Avatar or Migliore and department stores are present as well. All kinds of shops and restaurants are densely located on the main street with lanes which resemble the shape of a chess board, so it’s advisable to divide Myeongdong into a few sections in your mind and explore each section separately.

Myeongdong Street (A)
Migliore, U-too Zone (Shopping Malls)/ Brand Name Shops (Levi’s, Bean Pole, Geumgang Shoes Store, Elkanto Shoe Store, Esquire Shoe Store, etc.)
Side Alley (B)
mid-priced brand name shops (Ssamzie, Club Monaco, Guess) / No-Name Brand Stores/ Trend 20, Myeongdong Uiryu (Shopping Malls)
Side Alley (C)
No-Name Brand Shops/Brand Name Shops (Giordano, Jangbangee)/Restaurants/Coffee Houses
Central Street (D)
National Souvenir Center / Avatar (Shopping Mall)/banks/fast food restaurants
Chinese street (E)
Chinese Embassy/Chinese restaurants/stores for Chinese medicine, books, etc.

Maybe you ever seen Myeongdong before, Goong took one scene here, You’re beautiful and some dramas ever used Myeongdong as shooting location too.

Source : visitkorea.or.kr


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