(Cuisine) Quick ‘n Easy Korean Banchan(sidedish) recipe- Tofu Jun

19 Feb

Here’s the quick banchan to try…you just need couple eggs, flour, and tofu.

It’s basically the same steps with Hobak/Zucchini Jun but just use Tofu.

You can make both of them at the same time and you get 2 banchan. If you made too much at once, you can always save them and heat it up again. That’s what we did for couple days.

They are easy to make, healthy, and yummy~!! Hope you like it as much as I do.

So shall we start?
I sliced tofu into good bite sizes. Make sure not to slice too thin. Just thick enough like the following picture.

Sprinkle some salt lightly evenly over the tofu. Just enough not too much!

I lightly turn them over and sprinkle some salt again so the salt gets evenly distributed.

Just make sure you don’t crumble them. Ha ha…

Get a bowl for flour and a bowl for eggs. Oh add some salt in the eggs again so the eggs and tofu taste goes together nicely. Sorry, I took the picture when I was almost done…

Usually I end up cracking too much eggs so I chop some scallions and fry leftover eggs afterwards…you know the one you fry and roll up like a roll cake? Another banchan for you there!

So, back to the recipe…

1. coat each tofu slice with flour. Coat it evenly all over so eggs will stick all over as well. I use hands to coat flour and toss gently couple times on hand to shake off excess flour. I don’t want to eat chunk of flour you see…

2. Now, drop in the stirred eggs and I use a spoon to pick it up. And on to the pan!

Lightly coat with oil and cook it. I used the griddle since I was making a big batch. I think temp was about 325 degrees.

You can eat Tofu raw so just make sure you cook eggs thoroughly. If eggs are all cooked, you are done~! Yay.

You can dip in soy sauce or eat it as it is.

Don’t forget to try Zucchini Jun too!

Original Published : en.korea.com


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