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(Anime) Top 5 Anime Fights

20 Feb

The top 5 anime fights are brutal showdowns between powerful characters. Whether fighting for the sake of someone else or for personal glory, each contender has an ace up his sleeve. Referees might want to stand at a safe distance.

1. Kenshin versus Soujiro – “Rurouni Kenshin” Near the end of the Kyoto arc, child prodigy Soujiro stands between Kenshin and the main antagonist, Shishio. Throughout this anime fight, Sojiro hides his aggressive feelings behind a polite smile. Kenshin’s sword not only sends Soujiro to the ground, but it also tears down the boy’s emotional dam.

2. Karama versus Karasu –“Yu Yu Hakusho” Near the end of the Dark Tournament, the cunning hero Kurama meets a dangerous enemy on the battlefield. Karasu is obsessed with Kurama, and he acts on these fixated feelings by trying to blow the hero to pieces during this anime fight. To defeat the explosive-wielding foe, Kurama transforms into his alter ego, Yoko Kurama.

3. Rock Lee versus Kimimaro – “Naruto” While trying to save his fellow Leaf Ninja, Rock Lee encounters Kimimaro, a warrior with the ability to manipulate his own bone structure. Halfway through the action, Rock Lee accidently takes a sip of alcohol and gains the powers of the Drunken Fist. The eccentric fighting style catches the coolheaded Kimimaro off guard. This anime fight from “Naruto” is fast-paced and hilarious.

4. Luffy versus Enel –“One Piece” In “One Piece” Enel is the self-proclaimed god of Skypiea, a floating island with winged inhabitants. No one seems to stand a chance against Enel’s ability to manipulate lightning—that is, no one until Luffy, the anime’s protagonist, arrives. As it turns out, Luffy is made of rubber, giving him an odd advantage in this anime fight. However, that doesn’t mean the battle is going to be easy.

5. Alucard versus Alexander – “Hellsing Ultimate” A superhuman, religious fanatic and an ancient vampire in a snazzy suit duke it out in the “Hellsing” OVA. Both contenders in this anime fight have the ability to regenerate their limbs, which tend to be lost quite often in the duel. The violent clash is just the beginning of a rivalry between Alucard and Alexander.

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Reporters uncover the dark reality behind celebrity auditions

20 Feb

The alarming hidden truth behind celebrity auditions was revealed through the February 18th episode of KBS’s “VJ Special Forces.”

Reporters of the show went under cover in discovering what actually happened behind the scenes inauditions and what trainee hopefuls were forced to endure, especially since many more teens now are choosing celebrity career paths than ever before.

One trainee was found stating, “Even I knew that I wasn’t able to show off my full potential during my condition, but they gave me a positive review. But after I passed the audition, they demanded that I pay $2,700 USD.”

The trainee was also asked to call the director of her agency without alerting him that he was being recorded. When asked about the contract fee she was forced to pay, he replied, “There are no agencies these days that support you financially 100%. Since we do support you 100%, don’t leave us. Even if you say that we forced you to provide sexual favors, you really have nothing to say in the end.”

Upon hearing his shocking statement, reporters visited the agency themselves while hiding their cameras. They found that the agency, on the outside, looked no different from any other agencies, and when asked to name the celebrities they housed, they had no trouble listing the names.

Reporters were able to contract with the agency on the spot, but under the condition of paying $4,000 USD. The contract had a clear clause that prohibited the trainee from making refund requests.

Another trainee hoping to become an actress later gave her own account, revealing, “The agency said they were looking for a small role and wanted to meet me in person. They instead dragged me to their home and force fed me various drinks, claiming that they needed to check my limit. After a while, they taped my mouth shut so that I couldn’t scream, and further claimed that in order to become a celebrity, I needed to have sex with him.”

What was even more shocking for viewers was that this all happened before she entered her third year of junior high school.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, Credit: Allkpop

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(Idol News) It is time for KFPCAI, who has been blocking JYJ’s activities, to answer

20 Feb

On the 17th, the Seoul Central District dismissed all injunctions filled by SME against the court’s decision to suspend their contract with JYJ, the group formed by Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu.

The most noticeable part of the court’s decision is that the courts have also dismissed SM’s request for suspension of JYJ’s contract with CJES entertainment.

At this point, there is an organization that also draws attention along with SM Entertainment. It’s Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI). Last October, the federation caused a stir by sending out an official statement asking the national broadcasting stations, cable channels, record labels, music distributors, and the media to restrict JYJ’s activities after their release of “the Beginning” album.

At that time, KFPCAI took issue with JYJ’s “double contract.” Their claim was that although JYJ won their case to suspend their exclusive contract with SM, their contract hasn’t yet been invalidated and thus their contract with CJES in the current situation is unjust.

However, through the court’s recent decision, such claims made my KFPCAI have lost its persuasive power and justification. This is because the courts recognized that there are no problems with JYJ’s “business delegation contract” with CJES, who is currently managing the group.

However, KFPCAI has yet released its official position on the courts’ recent decision. K-pop fans are watching to see if KFPCAI will continue to ignore the public opinion by reasoning that “the legal battle over the problem of the exclusive contract isn’t over” or by reasoning that “the showbiz’s order is being disturbed because of JYJ.”

On such issue, a representative of a certain civic group pointed out that “with the court’s clear-cut decision, KFPCAI most likely knows that reasoning they’ve asserted in the past is weak. It is now time to change the unjust order of today’s show business instead of rashly reacting with our emotions.”

It is now time for KFPCAI to answer.

Source: News Nate + TodayKorea

Trans by: withjyj (@_withJYJ)

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