[Cuisine] My Korean Culinary Experince at Mu Gung Hwa Jakarta

26 Feb

Last week I went to Mu Gung Hwa, Mu Gung Hwa is Korean supermarket located in blok Q Santa Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. I found a small tiny canteen near the beverages refrigerator inside the supermarket, so I went inside the canteen. Some Koreans and Indonesians enjoyed their meals. I had seen they ordered ddeokbokki and noodles.

There were kinds of Korean dishes such as ddeokbokki, do you know ddeokbokki ? ddeokbokki is a most popular Korean snack food which is selled at the food street vendors. Bibimbap … I am sure you are all know this menu ^^ and also other various of menu such as kimbab, noodles and fish cakes.

I ordered dolsot bibimbap and ddeokbokki while I was waiting for them, I got  served free kimchi for an appetizer ^^.

Then my orders was coming. My point is you should try ddeokbokki. Fresh chewy rice cakes mixed with delicious fish cakes and vegetables, with thick spicy red souces. So nyummy. This ddeokbokki has got 9 points of 10 points ^^

Then I tried dolsot bibimbap, for me it’s standard, nothing special for dolsot bibimbap in Mu Gung Hwa. but it was nice.

Some tips, if you’re so hungry or very very hungry or you will come with friends, you may order 2 or 3 menus. But if you come alone, please choose only one menu or your stomach will get full. Hahahaha.

After meal time, I went back to the supermarket and bought kimchi, frozen mandus and bottles of rice juice to take home ^^

The picture of ddeokbokki ^^

Writer : Maria Margareta

2 Responses to “[Cuisine] My Korean Culinary Experince at Mu Gung Hwa Jakarta”

  1. 4yusan June 15, 2011 at 10:46 AM #

    How much the price? It’s too expensive..
    please share me the recommended menu there

  2. putri vannia October 3, 2011 at 6:46 PM #

    the tteokbokki seems delicious.. *drooling..
    how much the price?

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