(Profile) Park Jung Min

26 Feb

Birth name : 박정민
Also known as : 박정민
Born : April 3, 1987 (age 23)
Origin : Seoul, South Korea
Genres : K-Pop, J-Pop, pop
Occupations : Singer, actor, model
Instruments : Vocals
Labels : DSP Entertainment (2005 – 2010)
CNR Media (2010 – Present)
Pony Canyon (Japan)
Sony Entertainment (Taiwan)
Associated acts SS501

Park Jung Min debuted with SS501 in 2005, and was the second to audition in the group. He has guested in variety shows in 2006, hosted radio program Youngstreet with Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng. He is the low vocal of the group. He was the main character in a program TV called Human Theater 2010 as himself, Park Jung Min. He also had a TV show entitled What a Women Wants. He went to high school with fellow member Kim Hyung Jun at Dankook University.

Park Jung Min has worked in the musical Grease as lead role of ‘Danny Park’ for which he won the “Golden Ticket Award” for Best Musical New Talent over YeSung (Super Junior) in ‘NamHanSanSung’ and other nominations. Park Jung Min/CEO Park is an owner of online shopping mall Royal Avenue . Starting out as an online shopping mall,Royal Avenue has opened a showroom and a cafe in Korea since April and in July opened its first branch in China. On the opening of the store, CEO Park Jung Min has expressed that he has prepared a surprise for its Chinese consumers.

On 10 August 2010, Jung Min revealed that he has signed with CNR MEDIA . It is made up of Taiwan’s ‘Comic-Ritz’ and Local (Korea) company ‘ROY MEDIA’.

According to CNR Media, “Park Jung Min signed on to us because he wants to widen his activities in the Asian region, of course inclusive of domestically (Korea). In the future, he will be aiming to attain a firm position in Asia as a multi-entertainer. Also, Jung Min will be positively and eagerly participating in any thing related to SS501 as SS501’s Jung Min, and so with that, SS501 activities will be his first and foremost priority in anything”.[citation needed]

He started his solo career in Japan as he appeared in the musical Bonds of Boys from November 18 – 23 2010 in Japan. Jung Min will be playing a role of an exchange student. CNR Media was originally supposed to release Park Jung Min’s first solo album, ‘Not Alone’, on 25 November 2010. Due to North Korea attacking South Korea, the album was postponed until 20 January 2011.

Mini Album — Collection
Released: July 8, 2009
Label: DSP Entertainment
Tracks: #6
하면은 안돼 (If You Cannot) [박정민; Park Jung Min Solo]
Not Alone
Released: January 20, 2011
Label: CNR Media
Tracks: #6
Not Alone
넌 알고 있니 (Do You Know?)
내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스 (Everyday Is Christmas)
Not Alone (Instrumental)

넌 알고 있니 (Do You Know?) (Instrumental)
내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스 (Everyday Is Christmas) (Instrumental)

Kokoro (Limited Edition)

Released: August 1, 2007
Tracks: 12
Here [박정민; Park Jung Min Solo]

Grease (musical) (December 2008 – March 2009)
Bonds of Boys (musical) (November 2010)[citation needed]

TV shows
OnStyle Magazine’s What Women Want
MBC’s Human Theater 2010
Superstar Mini-Drama Ep.8 Meet

Source : en.wikipedia.org

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