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CN Blue unveils their first comeback teaser photo

28 Feb

Previously announcing the delay of CN Blue’s new album last month, FNC Music has apologized to fans today for yet another postponement. On the 28th of February, FNC Music released an official statement regarding the band’s teaser video. Due to a delay in the music video production, the company was unable to unveil the new video teaser they have promised the fans today.

This is the fanclub manager of FNC Music.

Through an official announcement, we had said that CNBLUE’s first teaser would be released today, the 28th; however, for a more complete and thorough album, it has been decided that the teaser will be released a week later, on March 7th.

It was a decision made in order to better the quality and completeness even more because it’s CNBLUE’s first formal album. We ask that BOICES be patient and understanding of the decision.

We apologize for being unable to keep our promises, and CNBLUE will return with a better album with BOICEs’ love and support.

Thank you.”

Along with the apology, the company continued to hype their fans by revealing CN Blue’s new concept photo. Meanwhile, the countdown continues for CN Blue’s promotions as they are scheduled to release their first video teaser on the 7th of March, along with their official comeback on the 21st.

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Kim Hyungjoon tweets a photo of a “mystery” woman?

28 Feb

Causing more hype online, Kim Hyungjoon was spotted posting a link of a ‘mystery woman’ on his Twitter account early this morning, only to delete it minutes after. The update on his Twitter account was a message saying “Girl…” along with a link of a woman’s photo. The woman in the photo has caught the attention of his fans, as they were curious why he deleted it right after.

Fans who saw the photo immediately sent in replies such as “I don’t know who she is, but there’s a mysterious charm to her,” and “Why did he post the link then delete it?”

With everyone trying to pry on who this mystery woman is, some fans were quick to point that the woman might be the female lead in his upcoming music video “Girl”. Meanwhile, it was also reported today that his new title track “Girl” will first be released as a digital single prior to his solo album release.

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JYJ in Malaysian Weekend Newspaper – “JYJ hit Indonesia”

28 Feb

Last year, JYJ group consist of Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun had met their fans in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This year, the trio is going to held World Tour Concert to promote their latest album titled Their Rooms.

After Thailand and Singapore, the concert that is going to be held in this April also include Indonesia as one of their stop.

This happy news is confirmed by the concert organizers in Indonesia which are DreamCatcher and Buck Up Show. JYJ concert in Indonesia is scheduled to take place on this 9 April.

(Featured in Pancaindera; Mingguan Malaysia.)
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