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AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan? Controversy over deleted news article.

31 Mar

The Korean Press echoed today what a Japanese Tabloid alleged a few days ago . Some information in this article seems to be inaccurate, as they were inaccurate in the tabloid– for instance, C-JeS said that the relief concert is not on the schedule. Readers should read this article with caution as they read the Tabloid with caution.

AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan? Controversy over deleted news article.

The recent claim from a Japanese news media that Avex is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan has come forward and become the object of a controversy.

After the massive earthquake in Eastern Japan, in addition to Japanese celebrities, Korean wave stars with many fans in Japan such as Bae Youngjoon and Lee Byunhun, have donated money for aid. Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu’s unit, JYJ, are also included in such a list of celebrities.

JYJ’s 3 members debuted in Japan in 2005 with Yunho and Changmin, who are currently working as DBSK members. By being under AVEX’s management, a company which manages the most popular Japanese singers (such as Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi), they members received the same treatment as J-POP artists in Japan.

Their success comes from the fact that they didn’t outwardly promoted their image as K-POP’s best idol singers. Even when they were holding events, they rejected media which covered them as K-POP singers.

Their background is that they were able to earn great popularity by completely integrating into Japanese music scene. JYJ, who has many fans in areas affected by the earthquake, has been said to be decided as participants of the Japan donation event.

The event, which will be held on June 7th in Yokohama Arena, plans to donate part of its profit to areas affected by the earthquake. A Japanese Celebrity press representative stated, “This [will be] first JYJ’s live performance in Japan since last June. Because it’s an event many fans have been waiting for, I hope it will become widely known.”

The background of such a statement stems from AVEX, the record company managing DBSK, contacting numerous newspapers and magazine companies asking them to “eliminate advertisements relating to JYJ’s live performance.” In the end, because of AVEX’s request, Japanese press was not enthusiastic in promoting JYJ’s live performace in Japan.

JYJ and AVEX had a loud fight while DBSK was being divided. AVEX announced a stop in its support of JYJ’s activities in Japan and as a reason claimed that they were being used despite knowing about JYJ beforehand.

Than why is AVEX interfering with JYJ’s Japanese activities? According to a rep from a Japanese record company, “AVEX, who is vigorously supporting 2-member DBSK, concluded that having JYJ, which includes Jaejoong, who was most popular in Japan, will be a loss.”

People are using an article published on March 22nd at about 5am in Japan Daily Sports to prove that AVEX is interfering with JYJ’s activities in Japan. [Japan Daily Sports] posted an article with JYJ’s statement, “we believe that this earthquake is not only a sadness for Japanese people, but everyone in this world. If everyone keeps hope and remains brave, the clouds will go away and sun will shine,” but was deleted a few hours later.

Despite this, JYJ’s event in June will be held as planned. Japanese media estimates that the fight between JYJ and AVEX will be ultimately decided by the public’s decision and the number of people attending the event.

Source: Nate

Trans by: withJYJ

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Big Bang’s 4.5 album cover revealed + pre-order info

31 Mar

We previously reported on the track list for Big Bang’s 4.5 album, and now YGE Shop has the album up for pre-order, with some new details.

Though the album price of 17,000 won ($15.44 USD) and a pre-order date ending on April 7th are new info, the biggest revelation is the album cover. The new cover contrasts with the teaser cover, which was starkly put on a white background, and the mini-album cover, which was white-on-black. This new album cover features a neon green skull outline. If you look closely, you can tell that the skull’s teeth form the keys of the piano.

The album will contain 10 songs, a Big Bang poster, YG Family Card, and a 100+ page photobook. The album can be pre-ordered at YGE Shop.

Will you be pre-ordering?

Sources: YGE Shop and iBigBang

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FT Island to release Japanese single “Satisfaction”

31 Mar

According to FNC Music, FT Island will be releasing a new Japanese single in April. In a press release by FNC Music, FT Island’s new single will be called “Satisfaction” and will be released on April 20th. “Satisfaction” will also be the opening theme for the Japanese anime “Toriko.” The anime will start broadcasting April 3rd on Fuji TV.

Since the anime will start broadcasting before the official release of the Japanese single, Primadonnas (FT Island fans) will be able to hear a short preview. “Toriko” is about gourmet food hunters searching the world for rare ingredients and animals.

FT Island made their Japan debut in 2008 and so far has had two out of three of their singles rank in the Top 10 on the Oricon Charts.

Source: 10asiae

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TRAX’s Jungmo receives a provocative cake

31 Mar

Jungmo, the guitarist of the band group, Trax, received an undergarment cake for this birthday, creating a hot issue.

On March 22nd, Jungmo posted on Twitter, “The birthday cake I received in advance~ The shape of it very…difficult. The fans said they thought I would like it so they prepared one for me – – was this my image…well at least it’s fresh…thank you for congratulating me in advance~^^.” He also revealed the photo of the cake he received.

The photo reveals a cake of a woman’s figure wearing undergarments.

The netizens who saw this said, “Wow, it’s really sexy!”, “I want to receive a cake like this everyday”, and “Was Jungmo’s style something like this?”. The cake is causing a hot reaction among netizens.

Source: BTN News

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KCM reveals “The Reason Why I Call You” MV

31 Mar

KCM recently released his digital single “The Reason Why I Call You,” an emotional ballad song. The cover of his digital single looked like a scene from a movie. His music video takes on a similar concept.

The music video has its own storyline that centers around a little girl who ends up in the hospital and is in critical condition. The “Reason Why I Call You” music video truly captures the mood of the song and is quite dramatic.

Watch the music video below. What do you think?

Source: AsianDream2011

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Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

30 Mar

Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, and other actors grabbed attention by maintaining a serious yet friendly demeanor while attending the crank-in ceremony [T/N: the Korean word used in the article is “gosa,” which means “a ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoidmisfortune and bring good luck”] for MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley.”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo, and Kang Haejung, the main actors in “Ripley,” and producers Hanhee CP, Choi Leesup PD, Writer Kim Sunyoung wished for the drama’s success on the 21st by attending the crank-in ceremony held on MBC’s set in Young-in, Kyunggido.

The oldest cast member, Kim Seungwoo, hosted the ceremony by channeling his inner MC and providing witty remarks. After looking through the donations made by the main cast members and presidents of management companies, Kim made everyone at the scene laugh by saying things like “I know everything,” calling out the name of an actor who paid (comparatively) less.

Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae showed unique passion about this project by quietly exchanging opinions about their characters and focusing on their acting even during the ceremony.

[Omitted – summary of Ripley (repeated from many past articles)]

Click Cut for More Pictures…. O_O Yoochun’s drama looks soooooo good????!!! The cast looks very cool together. Daeback ^__^

Source: Nate

Translation Credit: withJYJ

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DNBN’s Official Announcement Rebutting Rumors Regarding Dream Catcher Indonesia and Concert Cancellation

30 Mar

The below is the translation of the official announcement that DNBN made regarding the situation in Indonesia. JYJ3 echoes DNBN in expressing our sincere sadness at the pains that the Indonesian fans have suffered due to the actions of its concert promoter.

Rebuttal on the False Rumors and Arguments Regarding the Cancellation of JYJ’s Indonesia Concert

Hello. This is DNBN.

Rumors with low credibility regarding JYJ’s World Tour Indonesia Concert’s cancellation.

We have come to draft this rebuttal in order to give you credible information after confirming the truths and reliability of the (below) materials regarding the cancellation of the concert.

Yesterday C-JeS announced that JYJ’s concert in Indonesia was officially cancelled. Fans of Indonesia, we cannot imagine how distraught you are. We express our sincerest condolences.

Unfortunately, right now, false rumors that blame a particular member for the cancellation is spreading in the international fandom. Because this rumor is being spread unilaterally by one side, we want to provide the other side so that you have more complete information.

This writing is not to argue that the cancellation is the fault of one side or to criticize the other.

Only, we wish that through this writing there will be no one who will believe that the rumors that are currently spreading are the truths.


Dream Catcher Indonesia (hereafter DCI) is the “official promoter” of JYJ Concert in Indonesia. DCI has never successfully hosted an event (previously it had worked with CN Blue and FT Island but ended up cancelling). The owner of DCI is a person named A.W. Ardiati. In press releases and other materials, it is shown that a person named Tita Ardiati is DCI’s President (see Tita Ardiati is also an administrator of the Indonesian TVXQ (not JYJ—they are “OT5”, i.e., supports only TVXQ5) Fanclub “Cassination.” In Indonesia, an “official fan club” is typically chosen to facilitate ticket sales. Unsurprisingly, Cassination was selected as the “official fan club.” However, DCI has long shown signs of instability—for instance, its CEO resigned last Friday.

Many of DCI’s actions regarding the concert preparation cannot be excused.


(a) It did absolutely zero promotion via TV or billboards, which are the traditional methods of promotion for concerts in Indonesia in which a substantial portion of the population does not have access to the internet.

(b) Even print promotions through the newspapers and magazines were extremely sparse (Short informational feature in the magazine IndoWorld and newspaper Pandeira were largely the entirety of this).

(c) In fact, even as late as March 22nd, DCI admits on its Twitter that it has not started its promotional activities. (See



– DCI sold the concert tickets in three different ways up to the day before the cancellation without having first obtained the consent and authorization from C-JeS. (See

– DCI has misrepresented to the press and the public about the tickets selling out when they have not, multiple times, causing serious confusion to and hindering fans and potential buyers. In fact, there was much anxiety in the Indonesian fandom about just how well the tickets were selling because there was no accurate information.



– Any allegations that Jaejoong personally has anything to do with Indonesia’s cancellation are obvious lies. In fact, Jaejoong has never even set foot in Indonesia.

– The nature of the allegations was extremely defamatory towards Jaejoong and calculated to inflame the public opinion of Indonesian fans against Jaejoong.

– Nonetheless, because these false allegations were made by such powerful figures in the Indonesian JYJ fandom, they are spreading like wildfire and are seriously hurting Jaejoong’s reputation in Indonesia and causing much anguish to his fans.


– Tita Ardiati and her associates lost all credibility when they slandered and spread harmful rumors that hurt Jaejoong, who has nothing to do with the cancellation. All of their statements, therefore, warrant close scrutiny and suspicion as to their truth.

– The press release is misleading and false in other ways. For instance, it states that DCI “worked hard to fulfill all that is needed for this concert” when, by their own admission, there were seriously inadequate promotions and many lies to the press and the fans about ticket sales.

– The press release is also contrary to the announcement made by C-JeS which said that DCI’s repeated failure to abide by contract terms and its inability to smoothly carry out the concert are what led to the cancellation.


(a) Through their Tweeter and Forum, Cassination has repeatedly and explicitly condoned and encouraged fans to do activities that are disrespectful to a JYJ Concert, such as shouting names of people who are not part of JYJ. In fact, there is evidence that Cassination was making a Yunjae Banner to bring to the JYJ Concert and had plans to stage a high-profile Yunjae event. (See

(b) This shows a serious disregard for the respect owed to Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu as people and artists.


We believe that C-JeS gravely erred in not monitoring Indonesia closely earlier. It is our sincerest hope that C-JeS will pull its weight on organizing these tours which are momentous occasions for fans. Nonetheless, the above events cannot be excused. Again, we express our sorrow at the events that took place in Indonesia—we believe that DCI wronged not just JYJ but also their fans in Indonesia.

Once again, we wish to express how saddened we are for fans who endured great suffering due to DCI’s above actions.

Thank you.

Source: DNBN

Translation Credit: JYJ3

Note : DNBN : one of 5 biggest TVXQ’s fansite

Super Junior’s Donghae invested in Shindong’s PC bang

30 Mar

Recently, Super Junior’s Shindong became an entrepreneur when he opened his own PC bang named “Shindong’s DraQula PC Castle.”

On MBC’s “Every1’s Super Junior Foresight”, fellow Super Junior member Donghae revealed that he invested in Shindong’s business. Donghae became the show’s temporary MC as he filled in for Yesung, who was sick. With his variety skills, Donghae brought much laughter to the studio.

To test their lung capacity, the MCs and guests played a unique soccer game which involved blowing air to move the ball. Later, Donghae brought up the subject of Shindong’s newly opened PC bang. Leader Leeteuk promoted Shindong’s PC bang and Donghae then revealed that he provided a portion of the capital that Shindong needed to open up the PC bang. Kim Taewoo, who appeared as a guest, commented that nothing can beat financial support, generating much laughter. The story about Donghae’s investment in Shindong’s PC bang will be revealed on MBC “Every1’s Super Junior’s Foresight” on Wednesday, March 30th at 11PM.

Despite Shindong previously stating that he and Donghae aren’t very close, it seems that this business partnership has brought them closer together.

Source: bntnews and sj-world

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UPDATE: Korea Times reveals next group for this year’s Korean Hollywood Bowl

30 Mar

After much anticipation, Korea Times have revealed another group for the 9th Korean Music Festival Hollywood Bowl 2011. The concert is set for Saturday, April 30th. The concert has been a yearly event since it was first established in 2003 and has invited artists such as BoA, TVXQ, Fly To The Sky, Tae Jinah, Bae Jiyoung, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, KARA, and more.

The Korean Music festival Hollywood Bowl is a family concert and is aimed towards all the group ages. Idols, as well as trot and ballad singers, have all been invited to the concert in the past, giving fans in the U.S. a chance to see their favorite singers.

Tickets for the concert is still available at the Korean Music Festival website or you can visit the Korea Times Ticket Office in Los Angeles, California.

Korea Times Ticket Office (in the lobby)
4525 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90010
(323)692-2055, (323)692-2070, (323)692-2178

For those who have already purchased their tickets to the concert, they can now be picked up at the Korea Times office. Tickets have already been delivered to those unable to pick them up.

Now it has been announced through the Korea Times website for the Korean Hollywood Bowl has revealed that Secret will be the next idol group to join this year’s concert!

The list so far of all artists attending:
Sul Woondo, DJ DOC, SISTAR, 4minute, Kim Janghoon, Lee Eunha, U-KISS, Bae Jiyoung, G.NA, Jay Park, Jeong Soora, K.Will, Secret, Bobby Kim, Jeon Young Lok, and Song So Hee.

Will you be attending this year’s concert?

Source: Korean Music Festival and Soompi

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ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung receives a serious eye injury

30 Mar

The leader of ZE:A, Moon Junyoung, was recently injured. On March 29th, Junyoung slid on the floor of his bathroom and it has been reported that he has received an injury around his eye.

ZE:A’s agency said on March 30th, “Moon Junyoung was recently in an accident, and slipped and fell on the floor of his bathroom. The injury is extremely serious. He received fractures to the bones surrounding his eye. The medical reports will determine whether he will need surgery on his eye or not.”

“With no choice ZE:A will continue their activities as an 8-member group.”**

We reported yesterday that ZE:A’s Kwanghee also injured his ankle during the group’s practice and will be out of the promotions for 4 weeks.

**NOTE: While Newsen have quoted that the agency said ZE:A will continue activities as an 8-member group, with Kwanghee also out with an injury, Koreaboo believes that a typo was made and should say that ZE:A will continue as a 7-member group.

Source: Newsen

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