The Internet Broadcasting Station for JYJ unveils daily channel schedule

1 Mar

The March 3rd is the opening day!

1) Superstar JYJ: JYJ history, looking back at the achievement and history of 8 year-old newbie JYJ’s.
2) Nameless letters: About fan’s fan activities or how extreme activities fans have done

1) JYJ Ranking Show: Fun and diverse rankings about JYJ
2) 아틸리싸 News: Fans’ imaginary news about JYJ

1) Nihongosuki: learning JYJ’s Japanese songs’ lyrics
2) You’ve Got Mail: International fans’ story and activities!

1) JYJ Encyclopedia: fans together make definition of words concerning JYJ
2) Personal taste: Songs, books, movies that JYJ recommended to fans, or those that fans recommend to JYJ

Every week a different program

Unanswered call
Fan’s voice message to JYJ or fans’ phone interview

More info:

Ilovejyj Facebook

Ilovejyj Naver Cafe

Ilovejyj Twitter

credit: ilovejyjcom
Shared : jyj3


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