Alexander to perform with U-KISS one more time

5 Mar

Fans were shocked when Korean news reports began to say that Kibum and Alexander had officially withdrawn from the male group U-KISS. Reports say that this had been decided months ago and NH Media made the decision to pull out the two members to give the group more vocal strength.

Unfortunately, Kibum’s contract with the entertainment company was terminated in January. On the other hand, while Alexander’s contract was also terminated, NH has made a condition that he would be given a freelance contract if U-KISS were to have overseas activities. Meanwhile, Kibum will be focusing on the company that he owns with his brother, while Alexander works on other unknown projects.

At the end of January, an announcement had been made regarding a U-KISS mini-concert in Medan, Indonesia. The concert will take place on March 5th and many are wondering how the concert will be carried out, now that two members have been pulled out. Even though he is no longer under contract with the U-KISS, Alexander will perform on March 5th to fulfill the concert contract. Unfortunately, because Kibum’s contract was terminated in January, he will not be performing with the group.

After the concert, it has been reported that U-KISS will make their comeback with a ballad and will introduce two new members to the group. The two new members have already been reported to be hard at work for their debut. U-KISS fans will also not be able to read any new tweets from the U-KISS members until after the concert.

How are you taking the news? Will you welcome the two U-KISS members for their debut?

Source: Soompi, Mikie Holiday, @AnthonyEusebio, @rocketboxx, @sielizm, @90kkb, @jengsaengi
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