UPDATE: JYJ Internet TV launch delayed due to server overload

6 Mar

Update: On March 4th at 8PM, JYJ’s internet TV “IloveJYJ.com” relaunched after experiencing a server overload. However, the explosive popularity of the site is only getting stronger as the administrators have shut down the registration system in order for the site to not experience another server crash. The group stated on their twitter, “Sorry for fans who want to register our site but registering makes high traffic. We want to strengthen our server so please wait more..! ♥”

Original: We previously reported that JYJ fans have been preparing to launch an internet broadcasting site as various conflicts have prevented the group from appearing on public TV. At 8PM KST on March 3rd, “IloveJYJ.com” was scheduled to launch with the site acting as a place to broadcast JYJ’s music and videos. However, the explosive amount of visitors crashed the site, and the administrators have delayed the launch by one day.

The administrators left a message, stating:

Dear fans of JYJ worldwide,

We were to air the very first stream of ILOVEJYJ.com at 8PM this evening, but with the explosion of accesses to our homepage and a mistake on the part of the server company, we had a problem with the streaming.

We thank you for your love and concert, and we will do our best to reconstruct the system. The first streaming will be reopened at 8PM on March 4th.

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment. Despite this problem, we will keep on making a better program for JYJ and their fans, and we hope you keep loving and supporting ILOVEJYJ.com

Are you surprised at the overwhelming response?

Source: Kyunghyang News and @iloveJYJcom
Shared : koreaboo.com


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