Super Junior-M begins their full scale conquest and dominates charts

8 Mar

Super Junior-M has burst into full fledged activities with their latest mini-album release “Perfection” and has dominated Chinese and Taiwan charts. On March 5th, Super Junior-M charted second on both G-Music Mandarin Charts and G-Music Combined Charts. In addition, they made their comeback on one of China’s most prestigious music shows, “Top Chinese Music.” Now Super Junior-M has hit number 1 on HIT FM Radio’s music charts.

The show “Top Chinese Music” is aired throughout China, including Beijing TV and over 100 other stations. “Top Chinese Music” bases its charts on rigorous review by judges.

They have also hit number one on China’s chart “CCR Music” only a week after the album was released. Topping both China’s and Taiwan’s charts has made others realize just how popular they are amongst fans.

Super Junior-M’s comeback was planned through a strategy. The release of the Chinese album was released so that they would be directly in competition with other Chinese singers. By succeeding in being recognized during the direct competition, Super Junior-M were able to achieve their status in the music industry.

Super Junior-M are currently promoting their title song “Perfection” on CCTV through interviews and photoshoots.

Source: Newsen
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