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SHINee releases four versions of Maypole CF

9 Mar

SHINee has currently been preparing for their Japanese debut and have been out of the spotlight for a while now. At the end of last year, it was announced that the boys would take part in promoting the Maypole fashion brand because their popularity and great taste in fashion would be sure to reach a wide audience.

Shawols around the world have been anxiously waiting to hear new material from the boys. In this new jingle, the CF showcases more of Onew’s and Minho’s voices.

There are four versions of the song available. The following video contains all four versions combined. Check it out below and tell us which one is your favorite.

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SM Entertainment files lawsuit against unfair judgment on S.M. The Ballad’s album

9 Mar

SM Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family. According to the Seoul Administrative Court on March 9th, SM Entertainment claimed, “We cannot accept the judgment that was made inaccurately.”

The Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family had deemed S.M. The Ballad’s album harmful to minors and inappropriate for youth. Because of this, the album was not available to fans under 19 years old.

SM Entertainment said, “The reason that was given was that it was a harmful song towards youth, but we cannot find such a thing in the review criteria,” and “They are really impairing on the writer’s constitutional freedom of expression.”

They continued, “It was flagged based on inappropriate references to alcohol, but those lyrics were an expression of nostalgia towards a former lover. They didn’t consider the context of the lyrics and their decision was unfair.”

The lyrics that they are regarding are from S.M. The Ballad’s “Another Day.” The lyrics include “drunk on alcohol so I don’t miss you” and “going to sleep while you’re drunk to dream.” The Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family had deemed these lyrics harmful back in January.

SM Entertainment says, “Judging the song because it had the word ‘alcohol’ seems unjust” and “judging a song by a particular word seems like a violation of our freedom of expression.”

What do you think about the case?

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IU and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang take over as Yonghwa ends his reign as Inkigayo’s MC

9 Mar

SBS’s Inkigayo will now have four MCs as BEAST’s Lee Kikwang and IU will take over CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa as Inkigayo’s MCs. Inkigayo’s PD, Kwak Seungyoung revealed to Newsen on March 9th, “After 8 months as an Inkigayo MC, Jung Younghwa will depart the show. IU and Lee Kikwang will take over his position. Inkigayo will now have four MCs: Sulli, Jokwon, IU and Lee Kikwang. IU and Lee Kikwang will begin their hosting duties on March 20th.”

Jung Yonghwa began his Inkigayo career on July 18th, 2010 and will have his last show this coming March 13th.

Are you excited to see the how the new MCs will fare?

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Sung Yuri casted for upcoming KBS drama, “Maids”

9 Mar

Talented singer/actress Sung Yuri is finally returning to the small screen through KBS’s new drama, “Maids“!

Stepping out from her two-year hiatus, Sung Yuri nabbed a leading role for the new drama. Though specifics have yet to be determined, the pilot episode is scheduled to air sometime in May.

Fans are excited to see Sung Yuri make her comeback, especially since her last appearance in a drama was for 2009’s “Swallow the Sun“.

“Maids” is a romantic comedy drama that deals with the questionable identity of a maid living and working in a lottery-winner’s house.

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Crown J detained for assaulting his manager

9 Mar

News reports have it that Korean rapper Crown J has been detained in Seoul’s KyungNam Precinct after allegedly assaulting his manager and forcibly obtaining legal financial documents.

According to some accounts, Crown J was supposed to start his own entertainment agency and borrowed a 200 Million Won loan, co-signed by his manager. The incident happened on the 29th of August, after the two decided to meet up to talk about the repayment of the loans.

Crown J and three of his friends were allegedly reported to have assaulted the manager at the coffee shop, leaving him to suffer a concussion. On that same night, it was also reported that Crown J forcibly obtained legal papers that indicated a money transfer for a yacht worth 100 Million Won and eventually made his manager rewrite contracts for his loan repayment.

When asked about the issue, Crown J denied the charges against him stating that “Though I did take him in my car, I did not assault him, and I did not force him to write anything.”

Source: EDaily and Soompi
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JYJ thanks iLoveJYJ fans for their support

9 Mar

As we have previously reported, despite the resolution of the court cases between SM entertainment and JYJ, JYJ has still had difficulties appearing on public television. To show support for the group, fans have set up a website,, to broadcast JYJ’s music and videos. The website was originally set to launch on March 3rd, but due to an overwhelming response that led to their servers overloading, the launch was pushed back to March 4th.

Prior to the websites launch, a JYJ representative revealed that the group was aware of their fans’ efforts and were very grateful. The representative stated, “We fully notice that fans made their own capital investments (to build the station). In fact, JYJ members are also aware of this matter, they’re really grateful for the love of all fans.” He then continued, “However if we recognize this internet broadcasting station dedicated to JYJ, ‘iloveJYJ’ as an official station, it will lose its genuineness. We want to preserve this fansite as a website that is created by fans due to their pure love.”

All throughout the world, fans have been showing their support for JYJ. We previously reported that fans in Venezuela bought a newspaper ad to support the JYJ members on their music essay, “Their Rooms.” American fans also placed a full page ad in Korea Daily. In addition, fans in Asia have been purchasing ads on buses and subways to support JYJ, with the most recent being the “Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu—Ride the Express Train to Public TV ” campaign held by Korean JYJ fans. Other slogans used in past campaigns have included “Courage, Dream, Fighting,” and “JYJ, We Support Your Youth.“

What do you think of the recent activities of JYJ’s fans? Are you amazed and proud of their efforts and support for JYJ?

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Kahi reveals how her boyfriend broke up with her

9 Mar

Kahi recently revealed on a TV variety show how she and her boyfriend had broken up with her. She explains that her boyfriend had suddenly told Kahi that he wanted to break up.

On March 7th’s SBS “Night by Night”, Kahi revealed, “My boyfriend told me we should break up. We were having a good time on our date and he suddenly said we should break up. I didn’t know what to do because it was so sudden. I told him we should take the time to think and I’d pretend I didn’t hear what he said. But he coldly told me that I heard what he said and that we should break up.”

“When I went home, I called my friend and cried a lot. I was really hurt.”

Have you ever gone through an experience similar to Kahi’s?

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