JYJ thanks iLoveJYJ fans for their support

9 Mar

As we have previously reported, despite the resolution of the court cases between SM entertainment and JYJ, JYJ has still had difficulties appearing on public television. To show support for the group, fans have set up a website, IloveJYJ.com, to broadcast JYJ’s music and videos. The website was originally set to launch on March 3rd, but due to an overwhelming response that led to their servers overloading, the launch was pushed back to March 4th.

Prior to the websites launch, a JYJ representative revealed that the group was aware of their fans’ efforts and were very grateful. The representative stated, “We fully notice that fans made their own capital investments (to build the station). In fact, JYJ members are also aware of this matter, they’re really grateful for the love of all fans.” He then continued, “However if we recognize this internet broadcasting station dedicated to JYJ, ‘iloveJYJ’ as an official station, it will lose its genuineness. We want to preserve this fansite as a website that is created by fans due to their pure love.”

All throughout the world, fans have been showing their support for JYJ. We previously reported that fans in Venezuela bought a newspaper ad to support the JYJ members on their music essay, “Their Rooms.” American fans also placed a full page ad in Korea Daily. In addition, fans in Asia have been purchasing ads on buses and subways to support JYJ, with the most recent being the “Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu—Ride the Express Train to Public TV ” campaign held by Korean JYJ fans. Other slogans used in past campaigns have included “Courage, Dream, Fighting,” and “JYJ, We Support Your Youth.“

What do you think of the recent activities of JYJ’s fans? Are you amazed and proud of their efforts and support for JYJ?

Source: DBSKnights, SharingYoochun (1, 2), JYJ3 (1, 2), Soompi, and newsen
Shared : koreaboo.com


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