Kim Junsu Musical Live Concert becomes best selling DVD

13 Mar

We previously reported that “Kim Junsu’s Musical” was to be released on DVD. Since its pre-sale began on February 28th, it has continued to climb the charts and it has now held the #1 spot for 3 days in a row.

Online bookstore, Intermark, stated on the 11th that Junsu’s musical concert live DVD had topped the general best-selling DVD ranks. The pre-order quantity of Kim Junsu’s “Musical Concert : Levay With Friends” surpassed the quantity of Seo Taiji’s “Mobius Concert DVD” pre-orders, which was released in November of last year. Junsu’s musical concert DVD then obtained the #1 spot by overtaking the previous 3 week consecutive winner, Won Bin’s “Uncle” movie DVD.

Purchasers of the DVD are able to watch the 38 live performances within the 2 DVD set. It contains 18 songs from the musical “Mozart!” like “I am Music” and “Why Don’t You Love Me”. It also contains 6 previously unseen performances of the highly anticipated performance of “Elizabeth”. The DVD also has 1 hour worth of backstage rehearsal, after performance, and concert preparation video footage. In addition to the DVD, there is also an 80 page photo book that includes pictures of performances and concert preparation.

Source: sharingyoochun

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