ZE:A releases MV teaser for “Here I Am”

14 Mar

After revealing their album teaser and a new set of concept photos, ZE:A has released a 30-second teaser for “Here I Am”.

The excerpt opens with all boys visibly executing the choreography. First evident through the concept photos released the other day, ZE:A will be pursuing a clean, fresh image for the “Here I Am” promotions. They make good use of clever camera angles and interact with the audience by “drawing” images on the screen. They are shown to be magical in the sense that whatever they draw on screen becomes a reality.

Baby J from Jewelry will be featured in the “Here I Am” music video, and she makes her first appearance towards the end of the video teaser. With their sweet gestures, ZE:A may steal not only Baby J’s heart, but the hearts of viewers everywhere.

The full MV for “Here I Am” is coming up, and their new album “Lovability” is slated for a March 17 release. What are your expectations for the full MV, given what you have seen of it so far?

Source: AsianMusicWorldHD
Shared : koreaboo.com

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