TVXQ, Beast In SBS’ “Welcome To The Show” Cast

18 Mar

An all-star cast will be participating in SBS’ latest production “Welcome to the Show”. This includes the debut for numerous popular Korean singers.

“Welcome to the Show” is a new concept drama series re-enacting real scenarios. In actual fact, it is used to showcase the dazzling stories and incidents behind the scenes of the magnificent stages of SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

In this series, apart from Nickhun, Sulli, Seulong and IU, who will be playing the roles of the emcees in “Inkigayo”, there will also be behind-the-scenes stories of TVXQ, Beast, Lee Jung, ZE.A and many more other celebrities.

The concept in “Welcome to the Show” where singers are acting out a real-life scenario drama has gained much attention. In addition to that, “Welcome to the Show” has prepared varied and magnificent footages to be broadcasted, like behind-the-scenes footages from the start of the live broadcasting of “Inkigayo” in the morning until the end of broadcasting, how the live footages of “Inkigayo” are shot, how singers prepare for their live performances and backstage scenes in their dressing rooms.

source: TVXQBaidu
translation: halo92 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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