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World Vision Korea Features JYJ on Website for Donating the Full Amount of Its Goal for Donations

19 Mar

Word Vision Korea, in response to the natural disasters in Japan, set out to gather donations to help Japan. World Vision Korea set the goal of 600 million KRW.

Yesterday, JYJ by themselves donated the entire amount– the full 600 million KRW that World Vision Korea was hoping to raise.

Today, World Vision Korea showcased JYJ on their website. The article that World Vision features is substantially similar to one found here.

There are now lies spreading by Hotels that argue that JYJ only plan to donate. Those lies are false. (It is unfortunate that we need to even explain this… but please see this article and this article and many others for absolute proof, which read that: Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) on the 16th DONATED to the International Relief Organization World Vision 600 million KRW of funds for Japan’s Disaster Relief” and “JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)… also DONATED to World Vision the full amount of its goal donation for Japan’s most-damaged areas, 600 million KRW.”

There are no ambiguities yet lies are being created. It is unfortunate that Hotels, both Korean and International, do not hesitate to use Japan and her tragedy in pursuit of their unclean goals.

Edit: World Vision Japan also featured JYJ here. World Vision Japan features JYJ’s Japanese message.

Source: World Vision Korea and World Vision Japan

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JYJ’s Hope Messages for Pray for Japan Star Relay

19 Mar

Jaejoong: “We pray that the wounds/scars of all people harmed by the earthquake will heal and stabilize.”

Junsu:”We gather our hearts (even if little) to pray for your safety. Please take heart!”

Yoochun: “We hope that those who suffer from the sadness of having lost their loved ones take heart.”

Source: @DCtvxq_gall

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(Video) ELLE Movie Still, Part 1 and 2 (3 to come soon)

19 Mar

Source: DC TVXQ Gallery, 100thero

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(Video) Jaejoong at ELLE TV Promo

19 Mar

Source: ElleTV

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