BEAST and Shin Sekyung reveal new BBQ Chicken CFs

21 Mar

BEAST and Shin Sekyung are no strangers when it comes to CFs. About a month ago, BEAST’s Hyunseung and Yoseob completed CFs for BBQ Chicken. However, the remaining members’ CF were not revealed at the same time.

The the surprise of fans, the CFs of Kikwang, Dongwoon, and Doojoon were finally revealed earlier this week. Actress Shin Sekyung also filmed an individual CF. Sekyung also played the guitar and sang her versions of “Lovely Song” and “Baby Baby Qute”.

Additionally, the members of BEAST filmed a short music video to “Baby Baby Qute”, and it was just released. Check out the videos below!



Shin Sekyung

“Baby Baby Qute”

“Baby Baby Qute” – Sekyung version

“Lovely Song” – Shin Sekyung

Source: BBQMobile
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