Korean artist help Japan’s earthquake victims

24 Mar

Japan’s earthquake make many people feel sad and try to help them. In some magazine and tv, revealed artist and organisation who donate for Japan’s eartquake victims. Many artist and organisations give their best support for Japan, some of them :
The trio formerly of Korean boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (or Tohoshinki as they are known as in Japan, a place where they are widely popular) have donated $600,000 to World Vision to help Japan and have stated “We were actually quite embarrassed and hesitant about alerting the public of our donation, but we hope that others will take notice of our action and follow suit. We hope that the donation will be used to aid in the recovery of the cities with the biggest damage, and I hope that the Japanese people find strength to overcome and find safety as fast as possible.”

Kim Hyun Joong
Leader of boy band SS501 (a band popular in both Korea and Japan)and actor Hyun Joong donated 100 million won, roughly $90,000, to Japan’s relief funds. He said that it is only a small amount but he wants to do anything to help. His company mentioned that it was his decision to undertake this donation and have asked that the money is used in the areas that need it the most. In regards to the situation in Japan, Hyun Joong said, “My heart hurts so much to hear about this. I hope that everyone can stay strong. Many people are joining hands in this crisis. Everyone, please come together with one heart.”

Bae Young Joon
An actor popular both in Korea and Japan (known as Yon-Sama to his Japanese fans) has donated 1 billion won to Japan’s victims. That is roughly $900,000 just from him and that money is to be distributed between different relief groups in Japan. He also shared how he was feeling about the crisis that Japan is currently suffering by saying “I am glued in front of the TV as I’m worried about the safety of all the victims … It pains me [that aftershocks are continuing]. I will be thinking about the best way I can help [with the relief effort].”

Song Seung Hun
Popular Korean actor Song Seung Hun has also made a donation towards the reliefs. He has donated 200 million won which is roughly $175,000. He has stated “It’s so heartbreaking to see what happened in Japan, so I had to help at least a tiny bit, and I figured Salvation Army would be best. If everyone can donate something small, a big positive change can occur.” and all of his money is going the Salvation Army as suggested to help with all of those who are victims of the tragedy in Japan.

Jang Geun Suk
Another Korean idol that is popular in both Korea and Japan, actor (who’s current drama filming has been delayed due to the incident) and singer Geun Suk has donated 140 million won which is $125,000 roughly to the Japanese Red Cross and has said that he prays that the victims will be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Ryu Shi Won
Korean actor and singer Shi Won has donated 200 million won ($178,000) to the relief funds and has offered to deliver his donation himself directly. His last concert tour was in Sendai and it seems to hurt him a lot that this has happened to them, so he wants to help with the relief work directly.

Lee Byung Hun

Actor Lee Byung Hun, also known as Byung-sama to his Japanese fans donated $617,700 to the Japanese Red Cross. He left a message for his fans in Japan on his official webpage as soon the incident had happened.

Korean boy band ZE:A are donating a portion of the profits from their Asian tour to the relief funds through their Japanese company IMX and representatives of their Korean company have said “As the disaster worsened, we hoped to find a way to help Japan, and eventually decided to donate the profits made in the first half of 2011 in addition to a portion of the profits we will be making from ZE:A’s Asian tour. Ever since they advanced into Japan last year, they’ve been receiving a lot of love from Japanese fans. The members themselves are extremely upset with what is going on. We genuinely hope that this will aid Japan in their recovery.”

KARA have already announced that full profits of their single will be given to the Japan relief fund.

KARA’s Goo Hara
KARA’s Goo Hara has secretly donated 100 million won (approximately $89,300 USD) to the Japan relief fund. Hara made her donation on March 22nd to the Public Social Welfare Fund to assist the victims in Japan and donated 100 million won.

Thanx for all who help them with pray, donate etc. For people around the world thanx for your help. ^^

Source : parksunmin.wordpress.com
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