TVXQ’s Yunho hid milk from Super Junior’s Yesung and Leeteuk?

24 Mar

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Yesung recently discussed TVXQ’s Yunho on March 21st during a recording session of Sukira. After playing TVXQ’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” on the radio, Leeteuk remarked, “That was TVXQ’s ‘Why?’, requested by a fanboy.” Yesung replied, “Yes, that’s a first.”

According to Leeteuk, “The fanboy said he really likes Yunho… actually, Yunho’s nickname is ‘The King of the Stage.'” He continued, “Yunho’s vocal range is long and wide, so it’s really pleasant to listen to, even though I’m a man.”

Yesung pointed out that “he’s really different on and off stage.” Leeteuk then imitated Yunho’s voice, “Hyung. Hyung.” The two members of Super Junior came an agreement that Yunho, who is younger than both of them, is very cute.

Yesung recalled a memory from their trainee days. “When we were trainees, we shared a house and Yunho hid his milk. He was really upset when I found and drank the milk.”

Be sure to watch the video!

Sources: 12p1a and ppppppppppppa
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