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Beast’s Lee Kikwang and Yoon Dujun & comedian Park Sungkwang join JS’s soccer team

26 Mar

New members joined the celebrity soccer team FC MEN, a team which Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong is a part of.

The news that actor Park Gunhyung, comedian Park Sungkwang, and Beast’s Yoon Dujun and Lee Kikwang have joined FC MEN are grabbing people’s attention.

The new members trained on March 24th in Suwon World Cup Stadium to prepare for the celebrity soccer league which starts in April.

FC MEN is a celebrity soccer team created last year by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501′s Kim Hyunjoong. Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim Juhwan are members of the team.

After hearing of the news, Netizens reacted by stating, “this really is a luxurious group of stars,” “it’s a celebrity soccer team that makes you happy just by looking at them.”

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2PM’s Nichkhun proves his effect on IT’S SKIN’s cosmetic sales

26 Mar

On a recent report released today, it was revealed that Nichkhun has sold at least 70,000 products after a month of launching a new advertisement.

Currently endorsing cosmetic brand IT’S SKIN “Prestige Cream Descargo” also known as “Snail Cream”, it has been announced that due to Nichkhun’s endorsement, the brand’s profits have been increasing. Also the IT’S SKIN commercial uploaded on YouTube had more than 150,000 views one day after its release.

Dubbed as the new sensation for the cosmetic line, IT’S SKIN’s team leader Jeong Haeyoung revealed that “The Snail Cream has been a steady seller for its top functions and Nichkhun’s modeling for the product was one of the key points to the huge success.” Additionally, they are currently planning to have special events and promotions for their customers who have given them much support.

Source: BreakNews and 2PMAlways
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Kim Hyunjoong easily copes with his busy recording schedules

26 Mar

Kim Hyunjoong is confirmed to release his first solo album a year after he left DSP Media. Currently working on his solo album’s production, Kim Hyunjoong’s agency revealed that he is currently busy recording and preparing his solo stages.

On a phone interview with Osen on the 24th of March, a KeyEast representative revealed that, “Kim Hyunjoong has recently been staying in the recording studio, busy recording new songs.” Because it is not as a group but as a solo artists, his strength and passion are 100 times than usual.

Other than recording for his new album, it was also revealed that Kim Hyunjoong also needed to cope with balancing his schedule with advertisement shoots and filming. The representative further revealed that Hyunjoong is trying his best to portray a new and mature image for his upcoming release.

Despite not having a confirmed date yet, it has been reported that he is set to release his solo album in May or early June.

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Wheesung, Lee Hyun, and K.Will collaborate for Music Bank’s Spring Special

26 Mar

In addition to Infinite, ZE:A, and Dalmatian’s special dance stage, there was another male dominated special stage. Three male solo singers came together to blend their voices for one of Music Bank’s Spring Special stages.

Wheesung, who is known for having a soulful voice, is currently promoting his newest track, “Words That Freeze My Heart”. Lee Hyun, known for his emotional voice, continued his promotions for “You Are the Best of My World” on tonight’s episode. K.Will, known for his perfect pitch, made his comeback with “My Heart is Beating” on tonight’s episode.

Additionally, the three singers came together for a special collaboration stage. Wheesung, Lee Hyun, and K.Will performed “Proposal” on tonight’s Music Bank episode. Check out their performance below!

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