2PM’s Nichkhun proves his effect on IT’S SKIN’s cosmetic sales

26 Mar

On a recent report released today, it was revealed that Nichkhun has sold at least 70,000 products after a month of launching a new advertisement.

Currently endorsing cosmetic brand IT’S SKIN “Prestige Cream Descargo” also known as “Snail Cream”, it has been announced that due to Nichkhun’s endorsement, the brand’s profits have been increasing. Also the IT’S SKIN commercial uploaded on YouTube had more than 150,000 views one day after its release.

Dubbed as the new sensation for the cosmetic line, IT’S SKIN’s team leader Jeong Haeyoung revealed that “The Snail Cream has been a steady seller for its top functions and Nichkhun’s modeling for the product was one of the key points to the huge success.” Additionally, they are currently planning to have special events and promotions for their customers who have given them much support.

Source: BreakNews and 2PMAlways
Shared : koreaboo.com


One Response to “2PM’s Nichkhun proves his effect on IT’S SKIN’s cosmetic sales”

  1. Lee Min Ah November 11, 2011 at 12:21 AM #

    nichkhun… i am crazy about nichkhun..!!! nichkhun saranghae…

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