C-JES: JYJ World Tour Concert in Indonesia Canceled !

28 Mar

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.

JYJ’s World Tour Indonesia Concert has been canceled.

On the 26th, C-Jes Entertainment formally informed the Indonesia promoter our decision to cancel. We have continuously warned the Indonesian promoter of their continued failure to abide by the contract, and because the promoter failed to correct themselves even after [the warning], we have unfortunately decided to cancel since they would be unable to hold the concert smoothly.

We tried our best to not cancel because of the numerous fans waiting in the area, but after considering the dangerous possibility of there being damage to JYJ’s image, we have regrettably made our final decision to cancel.

Furthermore, in regards to the Singapore concert, because we are in the process of changing the original promoter and consulting with the people in the area, PLEASE WAIT FOR THE FINAL CONFIRMATION FROM C-JES ENTERTAINMENT.

The ONLY city canceled in JYJ’s World Tour is Indonesia, and we will give further notice about changes and additions to areas holding the World Tour.

Thank You.


[C-JeS Notice Summary]

#JYJ WorldTour Concert in Indonesia is cancelled.

On Mar 26, C-JeS officially notified the promoter in Indo abt the cancellation. We warned the promoter several times about its breaching the contracts more than once and giving us no trust. But the promoter do not correct the error, so we decide to cancel the show.


The pre-sales of JYJ Indo concert tickets by DCI was not officially contracted w/C-JeS. B careful of buying tickets frm DCI. Please beware.

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Credit: @DCtvxq_gall + withJYJ

Shared : en.korea.com


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