U-KISS’s new members Hoon and AJ talk about their new roles

29 Mar

Boy band U-KISS has been going through a lot of changes recently. With two new members introduced and 2 members removed, many fans are anticipating the new U-KISS this year.

The two newest members to the group, Hoon and AJ, recently sat down for an interview with Star News and talked about the pressures they felt in joining a group already established for the past 3 years.

Hoon explained, “I used to promote alone, so it’s a lot of fun joining a group now and having hyungs(older brothers) and dongsaengs(younger siblings). It’s just that there’s a lot of pressure in joining such an established group, which weighs heavily down on my shoulders. Regardless, it makes me want to work harder.” AJ added, “I was a member of Paran, but I was actually a potential member of U-KISS as well. I ended up making a big turn before finally becoming a U-KISS member, and although I’m still lacking in a lot of aspects, I really did give my best for this album. Despite the pressure, I’ll work to show my efforts and my growth.”

U-KISS will be making their comeback with “0330” on March 30th. Are you excited to see the new members perform?

Source: Rocketboxx

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