Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

30 Mar

Yuchun & Lee Dahae at the Crank-In Ceremony for a New Drama “Ripley”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, and other actors grabbed attention by maintaining a serious yet friendly demeanor while attending the crank-in ceremony [T/N: the Korean word used in the article is “gosa,” which means “a ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoidmisfortune and bring good luck”] for MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama “Ripley.”

Park Yuchun, Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo, and Kang Haejung, the main actors in “Ripley,” and producers Hanhee CP, Choi Leesup PD, Writer Kim Sunyoung wished for the drama’s success on the 21st by attending the crank-in ceremony held on MBC’s set in Young-in, Kyunggido.

The oldest cast member, Kim Seungwoo, hosted the ceremony by channeling his inner MC and providing witty remarks. After looking through the donations made by the main cast members and presidents of management companies, Kim made everyone at the scene laugh by saying things like “I know everything,” calling out the name of an actor who paid (comparatively) less.

Park Yuchun and Lee Dahae showed unique passion about this project by quietly exchanging opinions about their characters and focusing on their acting even during the ceremony.

[Omitted – summary of Ripley (repeated from many past articles)]

Click Cut for More Pictures…. O_O Yoochun’s drama looks soooooo good????!!! The cast looks very cool together. Daeback ^__^

Source: Nate

Translation Credit: withJYJ

Shared by: JYJ3

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