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SHINee Jonghyun, 2PM Junsu, 2AM Changmin, BEAST Yoseob, Sistar Hyorin Battle !!!!

30 Apr

SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2PM’s Junsu, 2AM’s Changmin, B2AST’s Yoseop, and Sistar Hyorin will have singing battles in a program. The title of this program to be aired on Saturday in KBS 2TV is . It is an idol version of the of Happy Sunday. As the original one re-introduced old hit songs by sunbae singers, idol singers will sing old-time hit songs and the sunbae singers will decide the winner. The point seems to be how well they interpret the old songs in their own styles.
KBS Kwon Jaeyoung PD said, “I got goosebumps watching idol singers in last year’s Gayo Grand Festival. There are so many good idol singers. I think it is good for both singers and viewers to have a program that offers a chance to listen to their songs.”
As to the view that the program format is similar to that of of MBC Sunday Night, he said, “If you expect to see an idol version of , you’ll be disappointed. For there is no ranking or elimination in the . I think there is no measuring music in scores.” Idol singers have been labeled “3 Second Singers” as they have to share parts with other members in a big group. This will be a good chance for them to prove their singing ability.
How did the cast idol singers respond to the suggestion? Kwon PD says (2AM Changmin part not translated), the responses were divided. It is true that it can be a burden to the singers who are already loved by the public. But it is expected they will be able to focus on their performances without the pressure of a survival game. Besides the singers mentioned above, CN Blue Jeong Yonghwa, FT Island Lee Hongki, Super Junior Kyuhyun and Yesung have expressed their intention to participate in the program. He added, “This will be a good chance for fans to watch their idols grow up through the program.”
will be aired in May~June. For better performances, the stage will have a live band. The program will also show the back stage scenes of idols arranging and practicing their songs.
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MBLAQ Will Be On Made In Japan MC BS 5 Special of The Month

30 Apr

The special of the month “MADE IN JAPAN MC BS 5” decided MBLAQ’s participation .

A new announcement came on Wednesday, the show’s special MC at the end of May will feature SM ☆ SH, MBLAQ and U-KISS! The concerts happen over four days in the next week, MBLAQ’s live concert is scheduled for May 7.

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ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

30 Apr

Tall and Handsome Army ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Nine people of the Korean male vocal group ZE:A went to do live in the Fashion & Music Event 「Girls Award 」that held in 29th.
At this day’s stage, they showed three songs 「Here I am」、「MAZELTOV」、「LOVE COACH」. Combining their tall figures and extra ordinary styles in their sharp dances, they delivered powerful performances.
Their masculine vocals attracted the female fans to crowd the place.

“Children of Empire” is a well-known Korea 9 member male vocal group.
In January 7th 2010, They debuted with mini album 「Nativity」and single 「Mazeltov」. From before debut, they appeared in Mnet’s famous show “Empire Kids”, they had guerilla concerts more than 50 times nationwide and gained more than 10,000 fans, made it become a big topic.
At the same time when they debuted, they published the 1st mini album , at the same year in September Japan’s debut album [ZE:A!] ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Chart, on December 2010 they released Japanese single 「Love☆Letter」and ranked 2nd on the same chart, they ranked 9th in weekly chart, continuing their steady step ups.
From their cute looks, they managed to make an unbelievable stage performance, the event itself is very popular and usually always sold out.
In April 27th ZE:A released new album [Here I Am].

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Dream High Filming Set To Be Opened To The Public

30 Apr

The city of Goyang in Gyeonggi-do expressed on April 28th that they will open up the filming site of Kirin Arts High School, which was featured in the KBS2TV drama “Dream High”, to the general public.

The filming location at Ilsandong-gu composes of the director’s office used by Bae Yong Jun, the performance stage, practice room, the room used by IU and Kim Soo Hyun. Also, the sound system, storyboard, photo zones, props and merchandise, etc. will all be set up.

It will be open for free from April 30th to June 12th (10am to 5pm). Groups should make advance bookings with the official Dream High fan cafe for admission (, while individuals can visit the place directly.

In future, the city has plans to provide school field trips as well as a place for spring picnics. During the 16th Goyang Korea Flower Festival, tour buses are also scheduled to run once a day from May 1st to 15th.

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KARA’s Seungyeon thanks their fans’ support on Twitter

30 Apr

Following recent confirmations that DSP Media has come into a compromise with Han Seungyeon, Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung after a long legal battle. After 100 days of battling controversies and speculations, it has been reported that DSP Media and KARA have sent out their official apology for bringing worries to their fans and has promised a more mature approach in the future.

However, one member of the group continues to thank their fans for the trust and support as KARA’s Seungyeon shared her sentiments on microblogging site, Twitter. On a recent update hours ago, Seungyeon posted a message stating, “You all waited for a long time, right? ^^ I love you!”

Meanwhile it has also been revealed that all five members of the group have finished recording for their next single in Japan and is confirmed to release it by June.

Source: @fateflysy and Soompi
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FC MEN Wins 5-0; Junsu Chosen as MVP

25 Apr

FC Men Kim Junsu’s Hat Trick, Splendid Goal Ceremony, “Chosen as MVP”

Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN won 5-0, fueled by Kim Junsu’s hat trick.

On the afternoon of the 24th in the Suwon World Cup Stadium, an open game between FC MEN in which JYJ member Kim Junsu is captain and Incheon Design High School Girls’ Soccer Team was held.

On this day, the match between FC MEN and Incheon Design High School Girls’ Soccer Team ended in a victory of 5-0 for FC MEN, fueled by Kim Junsu’s hat trick, and Park Chungjin and Im Seulong’s goal. Further, as the MVP of this game Kim Junsu who recorded the hat trick was picked, and 2AM’s Im Seulong newly added to FC MEN and had an initiation ceremony.

FC MEN is a team that has gathered those singers, actors, comedians, and models who like soccer and have as its aim not merely to play soccer but also to actively participate in contributing to society.

The affiliated players include JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, Kim Hyunjoong who is a singer/actor from SS501, and B2ST’s Yoon Duzun and Lee Kikwang.

Additionally 2AM’s Lee Changmin, Im Seungong, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, Kim Junsu’s older brother Kim Junho, Song Joongki, Kim Bum, Im Joohwan, Park Kunhyung, Lee Wan, Park Sungkwang and others also added to the splendid line-up of FC MEN. The soccer player Jung Sungryong is in the role of coach, and the comedienne Park Jisun acts as the manager.

On the other hand, on this day Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN’s captain Kim Junsu participated in the “Auction of Love” that the club had been pushing for. It is planned that the uniform that Kim Junsu actually wore on the official initiation ceremony of the past 15th will be put to auction and that the entirety of the final winning bid price will be donated to a social welfare organization.

Source: Sports SeoulTV

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Jang Geun Suk Autograph and Photo Session

25 Apr

Having his first Cri Show stop in Singapore, Jang Geun Suk arrived in Singapore on 22nd April’s afternoon and had his press conference session early in the evening.

It was a light hearted short press session, some questions of the day included one on his diet plans as previously when he visited Singapore, he was on a strict diet plan and did not manage to try a lot of the food here. In reply he mentioned that his diet plans were over and he is going to try the delicacies in Singapore during this stay. He also mentioned that prior to the press conference, he enjoyed chicken rice in his hotel room and would most probably be having pepper crab for dinner.

Other than that questions on his singing was also raised as he recently released a single in Japan. He mentioned that F.T. Island’s lead singer Hong Ki helped him the most when preparing for the single.

After the press conference, an autograph and photograph session took place at crowded Marina Square atrium. Fans crowded around every corner of the atrium as well as the 2nd level of the shopping mall just to catch a glimpse of the idol.

Fans prepared well for this event, including a cake to wish for Jang Geun Suk’s events to be a success in Singapore, a photo album which was presented to him as well as a lettuce dance as inspired from Mary Marry Me, the drama.

A photograph session took place after the autograph session. Fans gathered on stage in groups of 30 to get their photographs taken with Jang Geun Suk. There were not only fans from Singapore but also fans from Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam who flew all the way to Singapore for the event.
The day’s event ended after the photo taking session and the Cri Show showcase took place the next day. We hope the rest of Jang Geun Suk’s tour will be a success in his other stops around the other countries. We would also like to thank Colored Rhythms for this opportunity to cover Jang Geun Suk’s events in Singapore.

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SHINee To Finally Debut in Japan?

22 Apr

SHINee was originally scheduled to have their Japanese debut in March but after the earthquake and tsunami, their debut was pushed back tentatively to May.

With Girls’ Generation’s upcoming original single “Mr.Taxi,” on track to be released this month, it looks like SHINee’s debut will also be happening as planned in May.

A mastering engineer for Sonic Korea tweeted on April 21st that he was, “in the middle of mastering SHINee’s Japanese debut single!”

What kind of concept will they introduce to Japan?

SHINee Interview With Le Monde Together With European SHINeeholics!

21 Apr

France’s leading influential media Le Monde, had a interview with SHINee with the topic of “KPOP Wave”.

On April 20th, Le Monde had an interview with SHINee in the SM Entertainment building for 30 minutes at 3 P.M. To give the French fans of SHINee an experience of KPOP, 54 fans came with Le Monde on this day.

The thing that was especially noticed was that this is the first time that fans outside of Asia came to Korea as a group.

Before the interview started, SHINee’s music videos were shown through video, and right as it came out the fans were screaming with joy and they sang along in Korean (pronounced correctly) which showed their love for KPOP. After that SHINee came in and they performed their recent song “Hello” and this made the fans happier.

Le Monde showed interest and asked about SHINee’s training days, after debut days, their rise in fame and talked about their popularity in Europe and in Korea. Fans also got to ask a few question themselves.

Also on that day SHINee told the fans “ There is a SMTOWN LIVE concert at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th” in French and the fans were amazed to hear their French.

Source: Nate
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NII featuring JYJ Will Release New Photos This Coming May

21 Apr

The Illustrator-author Munge’s Minis met with the casual clothing brand Nii to show off a new style (T/N: I am not sure how to spell the name of the illustrator and the character name).The Minis character line which has been shown since this spring is formed of the picket T-shirt and the Hoodie T-shirt that has embroidered the main characters Clara and Roo.

They were sold continuously and are spurring on the summer T-shirt sales in anticipation of the full-fledged summer season with the Minis character line and the varied color variation and the applied graphics.From the end of April one can meet the Mini-Me character T-shirts the design of which is the feel of a picture that was drawn by a brush. This item which leaves an impression because of the brush touch from which one can feel the author’s sensitivities can lightly worn and is formed of 4 colors.

From May, a large-scale offensive (on the quantity) for the character line will begin in earnest and the children’s line for the main products will also be released, and in time for the Month of the Family, one can create a lovely family look styling.On the other hand, the summer advertisement cuts for JYJ, the exclusive model for Nii, will be revealed in early May through the home page.

Source:BNT News
Cr: JYJ3