Khuntoria Voted to Be Easiest To Be Tricked on April Fool’s Day

2 Apr

Khuntoria couple Nickhun and Victoria have been voted to be easiest to trick on April Fool’s Day.

Around 634 people voted recently to the question, “Which Star Will Be Easiest To Trick on April Fool’s Day?”, in which 2PM’s Nickhun earned 1st place with 35.3% of the votes (224 people). f(x) Victoria was second with 31.7% of the votes (201 people).

Cha Gilyoung, a representative, said, “1st and 2nd place Nickhun and Victoria have some things in common. Both were born in foreign countries and are now in Korea in management systems as singers, and so every since their debuts, they probably have had some trouble with the Korean culture and communities.”

“The two, with their bright, naive personalities and looks are currently in MBC’s ‘We Got Married’” was also added.


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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

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