ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung expresses guilt

3 Apr

Recently, ZE:A’s Junyoung received surgery for a serious eye injury. It was reported that his surgery went smoothly and he is now stabilized.

On April 1st, a representative from ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, stated, “Moon Junyoung is doing well and recovering from his surgery. There is nothing to worry about.” He also added, “We were worried about whether the injury will leave a scar, but fortunately it didn’t. He can’t chew food right now, and is only drinking porridge and juice.”

Furthermore, the representative said, “Depending on the progress, it would take about a month or so to completely heal. After the surgery, Junyoung said that he felt guilty towards the members and the fans, but do not worry because he was doing well.”

Meanwhile, the other eight members of ZE:A continue their promotions for the song, Here I Am, from their first studio album “Lovability”.

Let’s all hope that Junyoung will recover soon and come back to join the group!

Source: Nate

Shared : koreaboo.com

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