Boyfriend’s Jo Youngmin plays Jang Donggun’s younger self in “The Warrior’s Way”

6 Apr

It was reported in March that Starship Entertainment would be debuting a new male group called Boyfriend. The members include the twins Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin. The two of them are known to have already starred in SISTAR’s “Push Push” music video.

In addition, Boyfriend have already started to get attention for their upcoming debut when one of the Jo twins appeared as K.Will’s backup dancer in one of his performances.

Now it has been known that Jo Youngmin has been gaining even more attention for playing Jang Donggun’s younger self in the Korean movie “The Warriors Way.” His facial similiarities to Jang Donggun has been catching many netizens eyes. It is quite a feat to play and represent Jang Donggun, as the person would need to act very well.

Both Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin have both appeared on SBS “Truth Game” and have been recognized for their good looks.

Source: @STARSHIPBoys, BigBangSHINeeWorld1 and fuckyeahjotwins

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