KARA clinches Oricon Chart #1 with Jet Coaster Love!

8 Apr

On 7th of April, Japan’s Oricon charts reveals that KARA’s 3rd single “Jet Coaster Love”, that was being released on the 6th, have risen to the top with 28643 copies sold! On the 6th of april when the single was being released, KARA managed to clinch the second position on the chart with the sales of 47810 copies , losing out slightly to SDN48 with a difference of about 2000 copies of sales. However, it rises to the first position today, thereby proving once again KARA’s stunning popularity in Japan. Domoto Tsuyoshi took the second position (22568 copies sold). SDN48, who topped the chart yesterday, falls to no.6 today.

KARA’s first japanese album “Girls Talk” that was released on november(with a sales of 400,000 copies) last year had managed to top the daily charts for a significant number of times. At the same time, “KARA BEST CLIP”, a compiliation of Music videos of KARA, had also topped the DVD weekly chart.

Adding to the fact that the Oricons authorities have already recognised that KARA will be the one who are going to top the Oricon chart, various Japanese and Korean related authorities are all anticipating the actual result of the upon the release of Jet Coaster Love. Due to the earthquake that had occurred in Japan, promotions for “Jet Coaster Love” had been cancelled and the fact that KARA’s single has been postponed from March 14 to April 6, this current result has been pleasantly surprising. As for the song “Jet Coaster Love”, it has been topping various music charts continuously for 2 weeks as revealed by the Japanese albums association.

Based on the sales of albums (singles included), KARA is the third korean representatives to achieve that, the first and second being BoA and TVXQ. To add on, KARA has created a whole new record for the new hallyu wave that has recently hitted Japan.

Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91@karaholic. (TAKE OUT WITH CREDIT)
from: Newsen/baidu.

Shared : dkpopnews.net


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