Dalmatian’s Daniels, rises to the top as rookie of varieties

10 Apr

Daniel, who is under the group Dalmatian that is gaining popularity through their song ‘The Man Opposed,’ showed off his hidden variety skills in reenacting various English styles perfectly on “Director’s Cut Season 2”. This week on “Director’s Cut Season 2”, Kan Mi Yeon, Dalmatian’s Jeesu and Daniel, and Kim Tae Woo along with his genius drummer friend Ha Hyung Joo in creating a new 2011 version of Jo Young Nam’s sit song ‘Floral Marketplace.’

In midst of showing off their daily Kyung Sang Do Jun Ra Do dialect, Yoon Jong Shin asked Daniel if there are any dialects in English. In response, Daniel showed off his fluent English skills by reenacting how people spoke by country and region, causing the set to erupt into laughter. The guests who enjoyed Daniel’s English would request “British accent~ Chinese accent~” throughout the recording.

Each time he did so, Daniel was like an English dialect machine in which he responded right away, causing the set to be more enjoyable. Meanwhile, Daniel also showed his affections for the Busan dialect by reenacting a scene from the movie ‘Friend.’ Daniel, who has perfectly adjusted into a variety-dol, can be seen on April 8th, 2011 at 11PM on Friday night on Mnet’s “Director’s Cut Season 2”.

Check out the scene below!

Vid Credits: CodeAnalysisSeason4 @ YT

Original published : dkpopnews.net


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