2NE1’s Dara and IU’s apple hairstyles face-off

11 Apr

2NE1’s Sandara Park and the solo singer IU were both recently seen with similar “apple” hairstyles, causing excitement and conflict between fans. The hairstyle is notable for its charming way of showing off one’s forehead by tying the fringe with a hair tie.

A few months ago, Sandara posted a photo of herself sporting the apple hairstyle on her me2day account. Both male and females fans left enthusiastic comments. IU’s similar appearance on the third season of the KBS2TV program “Happy Together” also caught the attention of viewers.

The cute and youthful looks of both singers has created divided opinions between fans. IU’s fans have written responses like “As expected, IU is a cute trendsetter with an apple hairstyle” and “IU’s cute charm makes even ajusshi fans fall for her.” Sandara’s fans, on the other hand, have remarked, “Sandara Park’s apple hair is the best” and “No one can beat Sandara Park’s charm with her apple hairstyle.”

Whose hairstyle do you like better?

Sources: Nate News and 21bangs
Shared : koreaboo.com


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