Sunny and Yoona on “Running Man”

11 Apr

On April 4, Sunny and YoonA recorded SBS ‘Running Man’.

‘Running Man”s Jo HyoJin PD, stated on April 5th, ”If Park Yejin were to provide a family-like atmosphere, then SNSD made all the male members happy because they are idols.”

In the first corner, “Find The Guests”, the rules were changed. Instead of the members searching for the guests, Sunny and YoonA had to find the members. The exchange of roles between the members and guests promises more excitement and flavors to the show.

In the next corner, a psychological warfare broke out between YoonA, Sunny, and Song Jihyo. They will be put in 3 separate teams. Furthermore, there will also be love lines during the games.

Jo Hyojin PD stated, “Not only Song Joongki, but also Gary was also strongly affected by SNSD. Unlike the male members, who were all excited, Song Jihyo seemed to be alert all the time. We finished the recording on a happy note”.

This much anticipated episode of ‘Running Man’ will be aired on April 17th.

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