Park YuChun, Solo TV CF! ‘Sesame Seed’, ‘Same Grumble’, ‘Cute Student Teacher’

12 Apr

Boy group JYJ’s Park YuChun has shot a commercial by himself.

Recently, at DongSeo Food Products hompage, the new commerical that has Park YuChun as the lead for Ice TiO has been published.

In the commercial that was being released, Park YuChun appeared as a student teacher. In the commerical, he was speaking over the phone with his mother about his unsatisfaction saying, “Kids these days are scary. I want to change to another school. Mom graduated from a girls school, right?”

Park YuChun was being found out by another teacher about his grumbling and being questioned, “You’re going to quit this school?” and his reply was, “No. I really like it here.” His sudden change in stand evoked lots of laughter.

Netizens who watched the commercial commented, “I’m so glad that I can get to watch him on national TV.” and “If there’s such a student teacher in my school, I’d have wanted to go to school.”

On another hand, “TiO” means “Ti” for Tea and an exclamation of Oh! for “O”. It’s a name for the expression that one could have when they had drank the most delicious ice tea.

Source. TV Daily
Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj
Shared by: JYJ3


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