Coupang apologizes for incident during Angel Price Music Festival + issues full refund

18 Apr

We reported late last night that Taeyeon had been grabbed by a mysterious man during the Angel Price Music Festival. The incident sent shock waves throughout K-Pop fandoms, especially with SONES, after seeing the fancams of the incident. A man made his way to the stage where SNSD was performing and attempted to grab Taeyeon but was thwarted by fellow member Sunny.

Now, Coupang has released a statement about the incident, offering their sincerest apology as well as a full refund to all those who attended because of the incident. The press release reads as follows:

“Firstly, we would like to apologize for worrying SNSD, SNSD’s loving fans and Coupang customers.

The music festival was a launching event for “Angel Price”, and by Angel Price’s request, Coupang handled the ticket sales for the event. Unfortunately, [we] were inadequate in dealing with the ticket sales and distributions. There was an unfortunate incident during SNSD’s performance. Due to the [aforementioned] reasons, Coupang will take full responsibility.

Those who purchased tickets through Coupang wil receive a full refund. We will work hard to ensure that such incidents do not occur ever again. We would like to apologize for the incident at the Angel Price Music Festival and promise to work harder.

Thank you.”

Many fans are conflicted by this apology, as a large portion of SONES wish to forgive and forget, the same as Taeyeon has done about this incident. However, there are also numerous fans who are extremely upset that this incident was allowed to occur and are commenting that it is not an issue of money, but rather of safety. The fact that Taeyeon was allowed to be grabbed and dragged to the end of the stage worries many fans.

How do you feel about this apology? Is it satisfactory?

Source: MyDaily and Coupang
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One Response to “Coupang apologizes for incident during Angel Price Music Festival + issues full refund”

  1. tisha April 18, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    i was there backstage witnessing on the incident! damn! that guy was just so pro! we all thought that the guy was one of the staff… he was standing there with the rest of the staff. then went on stage with confident, and i still thought he was going up to give tiffany a new mic (coz hers didnt work). Then the incident happened and the staff kinda beat him up close to the stage! waaaa! that was just a tense moment!

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