A pink’s MV for “I Don’t Know” of their debut album released, to debut on “M Countdown”

20 Apr

Rookie girl group A Pink released the music video to their song ‘I Don’t Know.’

On April 19th before noon, A Pink garnered attention through having BEAST’s Lee Kikwang feature in the music video of their debut song ‘I Don’t Know’ which was released through their official homepage.

Along with the music video, their debut album ‘Seven Springs of A PINK’ was released on respective music sites and once it had been unveiled, it captured the eyes and ears of music fans simultaneously.

Continuing further, the title song ‘I Don’t Know’ is a work of Super Chang Ddaee’s, adding a classic yet sweet and lively feel as well as holding all the charming vocals of A Pink members in completing a comfortable sound, foreshadowing to be a hit maker in the music industry.

Also in the music video ‘I Don’t Know,’ A Pink and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang portray pastel tone-like scenes as if it were a story. Lee Kikwang becomes the lucky main who received the seven girls’ confession filled with nervousness as he has close-ups filled with a pleased and loving facial expression as he encounters each girl one by one.

Meanwhile, A Pink will start off their debut with their title song ‘I Don’t Know’ on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on February 21st.


Shared : dkpopnews.net


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