NII featuring JYJ Will Release New Photos This Coming May

21 Apr

The Illustrator-author Munge’s Minis met with the casual clothing brand Nii to show off a new style (T/N: I am not sure how to spell the name of the illustrator and the character name).The Minis character line which has been shown since this spring is formed of the picket T-shirt and the Hoodie T-shirt that has embroidered the main characters Clara and Roo.

They were sold continuously and are spurring on the summer T-shirt sales in anticipation of the full-fledged summer season with the Minis character line and the varied color variation and the applied graphics.From the end of April one can meet the Mini-Me character T-shirts the design of which is the feel of a picture that was drawn by a brush. This item which leaves an impression because of the brush touch from which one can feel the author’s sensitivities can lightly worn and is formed of 4 colors.

From May, a large-scale offensive (on the quantity) for the character line will begin in earnest and the children’s line for the main products will also be released, and in time for the Month of the Family, one can create a lovely family look styling.On the other hand, the summer advertisement cuts for JYJ, the exclusive model for Nii, will be revealed in early May through the home page.

Source:BNT News
Cr: JYJ3


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