SHINee Interview With Le Monde Together With European SHINeeholics!

21 Apr

France’s leading influential media Le Monde, had a interview with SHINee with the topic of “KPOP Wave”.

On April 20th, Le Monde had an interview with SHINee in the SM Entertainment building for 30 minutes at 3 P.M. To give the French fans of SHINee an experience of KPOP, 54 fans came with Le Monde on this day.

The thing that was especially noticed was that this is the first time that fans outside of Asia came to Korea as a group.

Before the interview started, SHINee’s music videos were shown through video, and right as it came out the fans were screaming with joy and they sang along in Korean (pronounced correctly) which showed their love for KPOP. After that SHINee came in and they performed their recent song “Hello” and this made the fans happier.

Le Monde showed interest and asked about SHINee’s training days, after debut days, their rise in fame and talked about their popularity in Europe and in Korea. Fans also got to ask a few question themselves.

Also on that day SHINee told the fans “ There is a SMTOWN LIVE concert at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th” in French and the fans were amazed to hear their French.

Source: Nate
Trans: gracefulkyu123
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