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Netizens Comment On Girls Generation’s New Look

29 May

The recently released photograph of Girls’ Generation’s new retro concept has been making the rounds on the internet. In this picture, the girls showcased a variety of hairstyles and fashions.

Standing in a “V” formation with Jessica in the middle, the girls’ long slender legs are easily apparent. The new hairstyles have garnered attention, and Tiffany and Yuri look really different in this new photograph. Netizens have even commented: “How much more can they change?” and “It took me a long time to find Tiffany”.

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FT Island Comeback with “Hello Hello” & “I Will Get You” on Inkigayo

29 May

FT Island is back with ‘Hello Hello’ on Inkigayo! They also performed ‘I Will Get You’ on inkigayo too! Also check their interview below!

I Will Get You!

Hello! Hello!

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SNSD’s Yoona will star in SHINee’s Japanese “Replay” MV

26 May

Behind-the-scenes footage and an extended teaser of SHINee’s Japanese “Replay — You’re My Everything” music video reveal that SNSD’s Yoona will star in the video, most likely as the “noona” referenced by the song.

The footage, which aired on Japanese television, includes clips that show Yoona reading a book in casual clothes and then sporting a stylish black ribbon in her hair. The video also includes interviews with SHINee, their fans, and footage of them shooting the music video, which will be released in full on June 22nd.

Sources: Soshified and rightnowsee
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Brazil’s 28th Festival of Nations to showcase Korean culture

26 May

With South American fans showing their excitement in the possibilities of SM Town coming to their cities this summer, its not surprised this year’s Brazil’s 28th Festival of Nations has extended an invitation to Korea to introduce its culture.

Brazil’s 28th Festival of Nations will be held at Piracicaba in Sao Paulo. The festival has also invited other countries such as Portugal, Italy, France, and Japan. For this year’s festival, Korea will be representing what it is known best for, its cuisine with bulgogi and bimbimbap. In addition to its cuisine, it will also introduce the traditional culture.

A Korean Film Weekend will also be held at the Sao Paulo Cultural Center in July, giving Korea another opportunity to show off its culture to Brazilians.

Source: Chosun Ilbo
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Short teaser for BEAST’s Japanese “Bad Girl” released

26 May

A short preview of the music video for BEAST’s second Japanese single, “Bad Girl” has aired on Japanese television. The teaser, which lasts about fifteen seconds, shows part of the chorus and the song’s bridge, and compares the new footage to the original Korean music video. BEAST is shown wearing black and white outfits and dancing in front of a white background. A solo shot of leader Doojoon reveals a second, brighter, and more colorful set, but only briefly.

BEAST’s “Bad Girl” single will be released in Japan on June 15th.

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Big Bang and IU are April’s most pirated artists

25 May

Big Bang and IU were the most pirated singers of April 2011, according to a report released by the Korean Copyright Commission.

There were 4321 total known cases of piracy of Big Bang’s music, and 3874 cases of IU’s. SG Wannabe came in third with 3366 cases, CN Blue had 2313, and 4minute had 1502.

The most pirated song was IU’s “Good Day”, with 848 cases. Next came Mighty Mouth’s “Tok Tok” (789 cases) and Big Bang’s “Tonight” (779 cases).

Big Bang just wrapped up a tour in Japan, and IU is currently appearing on variety shows such as “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry”. In the past, IU’s fans have come together to combat piracy, which is credited for the steady decline in overall sales of music in Korea.

Sources: AJ News, weheartiu
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JYJ’s Busan concerts expected to cause “ticket war”

25 May

With JYJ in the midst of the North American leg of their World Tour, fans in Korea anxiously await their return to the country for the final two shows of the tour, which take place on June 11th and 12th in Busan. However, getting tickets to the event is predicted by many to be a challenge.

Despite JYJ’s notable fanbase in Japan, the country was not on their list of stops for their World Tour. As such, it’s been speculate that a large amount of fans for Japan will make up a bulk of those purchasing tickets for the Busan concerts, potentially overwhelming Korean fans. Regarding this, CJeS CEO Baek Chang Joo assuaged, “We are currently thinking of a plan for domestic fans as they have been notified that a large block of tickets have already been bought by Japan.” He even went on to state that despite the members’ busy schedules, a separate concert could potentially occur, though not necessarily in Busan. “… Taking the fans into consideration, we are currently fixing the schedules so that we can add one more performance in a location other than Busan.“

Regarding the Busan show’s ticketing, the company also released the following statement:

** The date that we previously announced (26th of May, Thursday) has been changed to the 27th of May, Friday.

Please take note that the the accurate communication between the venue and the ticket sales office may be delayed.

Date: 27th of May, Friday at 8PM
Distributor: Interpark

Seating class and pricing (including tax):
VIP seating: 143,000₩
R Seating: 132,000₩
S Seating: 110,000₩
A Seating: 88,000₩
B Seating: 55,000₩
C Seating: 33,000₩

Once again, sorry for the confusion caused in the ticketing.

We hope for your understanding.

Thank you for always.

Do you think the ticketing will be dominated by international fans? Will you be attempting to get tickets?

Sources: Sports Chosun, DongBangData, OneTVXQ and C-Jes
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Super Junior reveals MV for “Bijin”

25 May

A week after dedicated fans of Super Junior spliced together radio recordings to create a full version of “Bijin”, the MV has been revealed.

In a stark contrast with typical MV’s, “Bijin” is composed of concert footage spliced together from Super Show 3 performances taking place in Japan, eerily similar to how fans put together the full recording.

You can view the MV below. Do you like the unusual direction they went with it?

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“HEARTSTRINGS” Jung Yong Hwa Surprised and Grateful for Fan Club Treats

25 May

The highly anticipated drama “Heartstrings,” formally titled “You’re Into Me” in English, started filming recently, and the cast and crew were treated to a delicious surprise by Jung Yong Hwa’s fan club. In order to support both Jung Yong Hwa and the drama, fans brought 100 servings of food, coffee, ricecakes, and other goodies on set.

Jung Yong Hwa responded, “I was not expecting such gifts, and it made me truly happy and thankful to be able to enjoy the delicious surprise with the rest of the crew who were putting in so much effort to make this project a success. Many fans are eagerly waiting for the drama, and I’m working hard not to disappoint. Please look forward to ‘Heartstrings.’”

Those on set stated, “Because of the gifts from Jung Yong Hwa’s fan club, everyone on set was brighter and livelier. The fan club’s support must have given Jung Yong Hwa more energy because he was extremely focused during each shoot following the lunch.”

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa plays Lee Shin, the snobby lead vocalist of a pretty boy band at a performing arts college in “Heartstrings.: The melo-drama reunites “You’re Beautiful” stars Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa; and with exactly five weeks till its premiere, fans are getting more and more anxious.

“Heartstrings” is scheduled to air its first episode Wednesday, June 29th at 9:55PM KST.

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BEAST to release “Fiction And Fact” Limited Edition album

23 May

BEAST released their first full length album on May 17th and successfully topped the charts with their title track, “Fiction,” and their previously released ballad track, “On Rainy Days.” This week, BEAST had their comeback performances on M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo. For their comeback performances, they performed a combination of “The Fact”, “Fiction”, and “On Rainy Days.”

Cube Entertainment has made a lot of announcements this month, like BEAST’s official color of dark gray, and this time they have something else for fans to enjoy.

BEAST will be releasing a special Limited Edition of their first full length album, “Fiction And Fact.” The limited edition will include new pictures, three piece fashion cap buttons, and a special t-shirt.

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