BEAST to make their Korean comeback on May 17th

9 May

The members of Cube Entertainment’s boy group BEAST have been enjoying their time by completing their own activities. However, the time has now come for BEAST to return to the industry as a group.

Cube Entertainment announced today that BEAST would be making their comeback this month with a new album. The album will be BEAST’s first full length album since their debut in October of 2009. Since their debut, BEAST has released four mini albums, a duo group album, and many OST tracks.

Cube Entertainment stated, “This full album comes a year and seven months after BEAST’s debut. The album showcases all of the hard work they have put forth over a long period of time.” Beast will also be participating in a large scale Asia fanmeet tour.

BEAST’s official site now includes a countdown to the albums official release date, May 17. The site also shows images of the members with a dark aura surrounding them.

Stay tuned for more information on the release and teasers!

Source:Sports Chosun

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