Seungri tweets photos of his academies, plans to expand into China

10 May

Big Bang’s Seungri recently came into his own this year as a solo artist. He has revealed himself to be business-savvy as well, doing something that not many artists his age have done.

The maknae of Big Bang recently opened up three “academies” specializing in vocal and dance instruction in Gwanggju, Daejeon, and Mokpu, as a means of additional revenue not related to his contract. The Gwanggju branch in particular was featured on the April 28th episode of “Night Star,” where it was revealed by the principal of the academy that there are plans to expand outside of Korea with a branch in China.

In addition, the academies’ me2day account has been updated with pictures of all three branches, which have a decidedly modern feel, along with being very spacious.

Would you join the academy?

Gwangjjo Branch:

Mokpu Branch:

Daejoon Branch:

Sources: iBigBang, Big Bang VIP and @v_academy
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